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Sunday Surf for Oct 2

Since ”Tis the season” for holiday and fall fun, that’s the direction many of today’s links are headed. We’ve been getting costumes planned and executed, crafting and getting ready to decorate this past week, with more of the same to come this week, so I think I have some pretty cool stuff to share!

I found a NY Times article, Expanding the Creative Horizons of Your Printer that gives you a ton of cool ideas and links for stuff that you can make with your lowly printer. We homeschooling moms already know quite a few tricks that the printer can do – this will help you really put that machine through its paces and show it off. (You may have to register to view, but it’s free only about a 2 on the ‘1-3 Annoyance’ scale)

I also found the coolest Jello Shot site ever, My Jello Americans, which has some spooky ‘The Jason Voorhees‘ shots. In addition to those creepy blobs, there are some really pretty ones, made with edible glitter and sparkly stuff. Some of my favorites were the Surrender Dorothy and Castle on a Cloud. I’ve actually never had a Jello Shot, so I’m really interested in making some of these.

In another act of shameless self-promotion, I’m again linking to my SparkPage – not because I particularly want everyone and sundry oogling my weight issues, but to hold myself accountable for following through with what I started. I’m on day 7 – one week in. Gold star for me! If you’re a mama with weight issues and care to share and walk with me on this journey, I’d love for you to contact me there. I used a few years ago very successfully and know that they can help you, too. In a related point, I am planning on running in the Gusher 5K in February, and so am starting the Couch to 5K plan. I found a neat ‘trick yourself’ tip on the glasses you drink from.

Back to Halloween crafting, I am making these little coffin treat boxes for our homeschool group’s party. Super easy and really cute, I think they’ll be a big hit. I also really like these black cats and paper mice for picture frames, steps, baseboards and windows. We might make these awesome paper lanterns, too. I’ve wanted a Halloween Tree for a couple of years now – we may have to make that happen this year. Here’s a really pretty one, with instructions. We’ve talked about doing window-sized decor for a while; I like these, but we may do a different print on them, and make them from orange fabric instead of white. And last but not least, I think these little pumpkin treat pouches are adorable.

To wrap up Banned Books Week, here’s i09’s list of sci-fi books that have been banned for your perusing pleasure. There are other lists on the ALA’s website, but since I’m a sci-fi geek, I prefer that one. {grin} Anyone care to share the ‘banned books’ that grace your personal library’s shelves?

If you’re a fan of taking pictures but not a student of photography, then you’ll LOVE Google’s Picasa 3 photo-editing program. It’s free, automatically imports your picture files and is usable within minutes of downloading, and best of all, you can use it for PC or Mac. The newest version is also linked to another favorite photo-editor, picnik, which has different options and effects and will also allow you to re-size a picture. Another tech-savvy point I’d like to bring up is that IE sucks. If you’re still using it then it’s taking too long to load your pages. I’d recommend anything else, though I am partial to Google Chrome.

I’m not typically big on ‘self help’ type stuff, but I thought that Simon Sinek’s “It’s Not ABout What You Do, but Why You Do It” was pretty neat. There’s a 20 minute video that’s worth watching if you have a good idea but are faltering on the execution.

That’s all for today, I think. I hope you find something worth checking out! If you’re not participating, then as always, please take this as your invitation to share what cool stuff you’ve found on the web this week with your own version of the Sunday Surf. For more Sunday Surfing, visit Enjoy BirthBreastfeeding Moms Unite,Domesticated WomenMaman A DroitHobo Mama andBaby Dust Diaries.



Sunday Surf for 9-19

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Surf! I hope that you find something fun to read, and if you’re so inclined, take this as your invitation to participate next week!


Rural Socialite’s Welcome to my Home – A Photo Tour is fun. I can;t afford to redecorate my house and this might serve as a good placeholder while I dream of new paint and knobs…

Kitchen Witch’s Zombie Contingency Plan is awesome… I’m thinking I might need a kit ‘just in case’. This may lead to a van full of survival kids, what with our field trip box already back there, lol. Vampires, aliens … you just need to be prepared!

I’m Unschooled. Yes I can Write’s Month of Cool People and Places is a great post. If you don’t click any other link in today’s surf, click this one and watch the “Not Back to School Camp” video. What an amazing, inspiring place!

Secular Nature Homeschool’s Organizers & Joiners post has a great list of Top Ten Rules for Being Part of a Homeschool Group that I thought was both funny and true (not that MY group moms need to worry about that, lol).

Teri at Laughing, Lace and Legos posted about their geography lesson and maps that they made. I am super-inspired by this and as we’re about to begin a study of the United States, I thought we might be able to draw from her awesome craftiness in our study of the land we live in.

New Dress A Day was recommended on as a ‘must follow’ blog, and yes, I admit, I am hooked. She’s SEW CRAFTY! (Bad puns are cool now; didn’t you get that memo??)

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Sunday Surf for 9-12

This week, I actually browsed the web ‘with intent’ – with an eye towards what I would recommend this week. I definitely like that better, and as such I’ve already begun my list for next Sunday’s surf post.

When I started participating in SS, I was trying to keep my recommendations more parenting centered, but that hasn’t been working for me. Since my kids are older, I think it would be odd for my SS post to extol the virtues of cloth diapers and debate the merits of sling vs. crotch-dangler carrier (even though I whole heartedly advocate cloth, at last part-time, and slings are clearly superior to front pack style carriers).

So, I am going to stop trying to fit into the mold that Authentic Parenting has kind of set by the posts that she recommends (not that she only wants XYZ style recommendations or anything – it was my own limits, I think, that were stifling me) and focus on articles that interest and apply to my life.

So, without further adieu, today’s recommended reading can be found at:

  • The Scientific Homeschool’s Using Questions to Create a Climate of Inquiry in the Homeschool Environment points out the benefits of using questions to help your homeschooler learn to think better.
  • Age of Autism’s article, CDC Admits No Rigorous Study Refuting Thimerosal-Autism Link Ever Conducted points out something that I have long felt might be true – that despite assurances that they have eliminated the link between autism and mercury, they really have not done rigorous research to back that claim.
  • SizzleBop’sMean Adults- Part One is the first of a three-part series dealing with adults who don;t like your high-needs kiddo. Excellent and HIGHLY recommended!
  • Enjoy Parenting’s Go With the Flow… Even If It’s ‘Wrong’ was an article that I really took to heart. I have such a linear thought plan as to how the day should progress or how things should be done that I often find myself irritated at deviations from it. This reminder that kids are creative and such thought patterns really are stifling, and can create unnecessary friction.
  • Lesson Pathways’ Blog Carnival of Homeschooling: The Road Less Traveled Edition. This is a collection of posts from various methods and styles of homeschooling that talk about the paths that are open, and how their journeys have begun and changed and where they are now. There is some very interesting reading, so I recommended the entire thread rather than pick out individual posts.

For more Sunday Surfing, visit Breastfeeding Moms UniteDomesticated WomanMaman A DroitHobo Mama and Baby Dust Diaries.

So… what have you been reading this week?



Sunday Surf for Sept. 5

To start the morning off (okay – afternoon… it’s been a long and busy week and I am playing catch-up in a major way!!), I thought we could take a moment to share a song from the Atheist’s Hymnal with Steve Martin.

From there, I thought we could visit with Madeline Bea Photography’s Sunday Creative prompt. Since I’ve been kid-free this weekend (the boys have been at my parent’s house all weekend, and are out with my Loverly Husband for a visit to his grandmother), I thought it might be nice to see if something she’s posted lately provides some creative inspiration.

I also really enjoyed ‘The Gift of Time’ at Homeschooling With Attitude.

TX Parks and Wildlife’s Be an Outdoor Kid site has fun stuff for the kiddies that encourages outdoor play and exploration. is a site we’ve been on frequently in the past week. We’ve been working on a lapbook for the Constitution, and it’s come in quite handy.

Moms Rising is an activist site that has a form letter that can be customized and sent to your senator to urge them to co-sponsor S.593 – the Ban Poisonous Additives Act of 2009 – and support amending it to the Senate Food Safety Modernization Act. Since we just talked about BPA in the water bottles we’re putting in the field trip boxes, I thought this was an apt addition to today’s post! Moms Rising is a great site anyway, with tons of articles dealing with making America more ‘family friendly’. Mothers Acting Up is another cool mommy activism site.

I’ve found Sister Dottie S. Dixon to be quite entertaining… as the proud mother of a gay son, Mormon Mom Dottie is (in her own words) ‘Plum full of dicey opinions, wisdoms and sage advice’. Her YouTube vids are… enlightening, to say the least.

I know this is short today, so apologies… other than my blog and Facebook, I really haven’t been doing much blogsurfing this week. Hopefully, some of the other SS participants will have some cool stuff to click. Be sure to check them out : Breastfeeding Moms UniteDomesticated WomenThis Adventure LifeMaman A DroitHobo Mama and Baby Dust Diaries.



Sunday Surf for Aug. 15

I recently saw a ‘homeschool blog hop’ thing that was pretty neat and was going to join in, but most of the participants were faith-based bloggers, and though they had some good ideas, it was… challenging to wade through the dogma to get to the good stuff, so I thought I’d use the Sunday Surf this week to steer you in the direction of some secular homeschooling blogs in amongst the other goodness.





While not all parenting or homeschooling related, I found these articles and posts to be, by turns, interesting and thought-provoking, and I hope that you do, too.



Sunday Surf

Authentic Parenting has a feature called the ‘Sunday Surf’ in which she recommends some of the awesome blogs she’s read this week. I thought that was a pretty good idea, especially since my blogroll is getting longer every week.

  • Child Central Station explores caterpillars and finds missing ones in chrysalis, wallpapers the kitchen with pictures of food in a must-see collage and gives us some awesome ideas on what can be done with old, dried out markers.
  • One Inch World has the cutest felted food tutorials. My favorites are the ravioli and tomato. My boys have a little wooden kitchen that my dad built for them (though they’re getting a tad too old for it now, I think) and this would be a lovely addition. Plus, crafting fun for mom!
  • Creekside Learning recently made a fantastic little chore chart that I’m in the process of making for my kids. It’s cute and easy and employs two of my favorite things: laminated material and velcro dots, lol.
  • I’m always interested in seeing how other homeschooling moms process information and make decisions. Lost Persons Homeschool has several really good posts that do just that.
  • Homeschooling a Texas Tornado & a Toddler Tag Along is my new friend Jana’s blog. I met Jana through the forums and have really enjoyed reading what she has to say. As a long-term homeschooling mom, she has quite the insight to the everyday fantastic of the learning at home lifestyle.
  • Quaint Scribbles’s post “When a Teacher Becomes a Homeschooler” is a very eye-opening post, especially if you have a non-traditional learner.

I hope that you find something interesting here, and I’d love recommendations, too. If you get a chance, be sure to check out the original Sunday Surf over at Authentic Parenting, too. Now, I am off to enjoy the rest of my evening. My Loverly Husband and I celebrate 11 years of wedded bliss today!