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The Bossy R Lapbook

I found this as a worksheet pack from Lilliput Station through in CurrClick’s Newsletter this morning. It’s not a ‘real’ lapbook – more like a cross between a lapbook and a folder game, but I’m adding it here anyway.

We also have a bunch of printed phonics cards and clue cards from MES-English that would work well in this format. English is such a hard language to learn to read and write (with all the exceptions to every rule), so anything I can find that will help make memorization easier or more fun gets a gold star from me. We haven’t messed with this one a whole bunch yet, but will probably implement it in phonics and spelling lessons later this week.

The original ‘Bossy R’ template comes with blank cards that you can print and write on; we’re going to start a running list of words that go in each of the pockets. I like multi-disciplinary lessons; we’ve been doing that with our timeline – adding to it during several different lessons, so I think this might be worked the same way.

There were several other pages that went with this template; if you’re not a member at, then I highly recommend their site. There is a lot of religious content (conservative Christian), but I’ve found many, many files that have worked for us (either by omitting the religious content or that were entirely secular). I’m sure you’ll find something you can use, too!