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Ten in 2010 Lapbook

I found a nifty little mini-lapbook mentioned on Raising Future Leaders’s Blog called 10 Things I learned in 2010. The template we got from The Whole Word Publishing through is no longer available, but I liked the idea and we may do an on-going lapbook this year to chronicle 2011. You could even adapt the idea to a month or whatever time frame you like.

There were ten mini-books that each asked, ‘What did I learn in 2010?’ and were decorated with New Year’s items (party hats, fireworks, balloons, etc.). The boys and I talked about field trips we’d taken, lessons we’d covered and concepts we enjoyed and they both chose ten things to put in their books, then they used the included clip art decorations to add some flair to their books.

I usually take the time to mount all of the mini-books, but we kinda rushed through this one morning between math and history.

Happy New Year!