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Robot Lapbook

One of the main topics of conversation at our house is robots – how to make them, how they work, drawing them, seeing them in action. My boys, especially PeaGreen are robotics fanatics. Since we’ve been lapbooking as a way to delve more deeply into individual topics, and have such a great product at the end of the unit study, I guess it was only a matter of time before someone asked to make a robot lapbook.

This is a momentous occasion for us because it marks the first unit study that one of my kids asked repeatedly to work on and did so with gusto. Over the course of a week, PeaGreen and I read up on robots and made this mini-lapbook dedicated to robotic lore. It’s only one file folder, and the front page is original artwork by PeaGreen (so no reproductions at this time).

There weren’t many pre-packaged lapbooks on robots out there, so I ended up making some of the little flip books, and we used a lot of information from Wikipedia as well. Feel free to print my pages to use, and I encourage you to add to it. If you do, I’d love a link to your project!

Robot Lapbook by ThisAdventureLife 2010





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