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Renaissance Lapbook

This lapbook was put together using several different lapbook templates and information pulled from different sites. This is our largest book by far, with 6 full-sized flaps to use – I actually skipped over a whole section, so we may go back and add-on some extra stuff to fill that blank page later on.

Here are some of my sources for this book:

Hskube’s Haven at Home’s Renaissance Lapbook

Defending Castles and Attacking Castles on YouTube

Wikipedia’s Renaissance and various other linked pages

Illuminating the Renaissance

European History – Timeline

Enlightened Life’s Renaissance Faire Lapbook (which is more for a re-cap of a visit to a renaissance festival)

We found inspiration in Hskube’s Haven’s paper castle, and made one of our own. You can see it folded up in some of the other pictures. We kept it on my desk for several days – until we were finished with the bulk of the lapbook. We watched the videos while the kids were making it, and used their rulers and measure out the blocks (though they made the lines more uneven for authenticity, they explained). Our castle even has a functioning portcullis and drawbridge door, thanks to an hours’ work on my part with an exacto knife.

I constructed the book from 4 file folders. I hope that this picture shows the layout and seams:

I like for my lapbooks to close up neatly, with nothing on the outside, so I cut extra file folders and tape them in place in the seams or folds of the main book, and to the top and bottom inside of the back of the main book. This one is larger than our previous books, with multiple flaps to add mini-books and information on.

I like mix of information in this book, but I think that it’s really ‘too complicated’. I tend to do that; find so many interesting tidbits to add that I lose focus and end up with more than is really ‘good’ for one book. I’m trying to curb that tendency! There is definitely enough material to make a lapbook on castles, so we’ll probably do that at some point, and Enlightened Life’s Ren Faire recap book is designed to be used more than once. It could even be altered to recap a visit to some place like Homestead Heritage or Plimoth Plantation.

If you have additional Renaissance lapbooking resources, please feel free to list them in the comments. Thanks for looking!



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