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Halloween Lapbook

Here it is! We’re still not quiiiiiiiite finished with it, but close enough to done that I wanted to share. Mostly this is our version of PB&JMom’s Halloween Lapbook. Big thanks to her for putting together such a great collection of facts, clip art and mini book templates!

I added a few bits of clip art and some other info that wasn’t included in the templates – but as you know, that’s the fun with lapbooks – you can add to or take away as much as you like! In my case, I added another little book on vampire folklore.

For this book, I also tried a different layout  – sideways instead of opening like doors. I like my lapbooks to be all contained when they’re closed up, so though the template and instructions call for a three folder layout, I only used 2, but trimmed and taped inside the main folder in such a way that when the book is closed, everything is inside, but it opens up completely. You could even add additional flaps with this layout. I took a picture of the side view that maybe explains what I’m talking about a bit better. You be the judge:


When you first open it up, this is what you see:

I added the small mini-books along the top and bottom, and a couple of the larger books on the first flap. When you lift the first flap, there are 4 books on the back of that and 3 on the lower flap.

When you open the lower flap, the whole book is laid out, nudie mag style (which, I admit, though I wouldn’t want my kids checking out a nudie magazine at this age, it does make me giggle to see them curled up ooh-ing and ahhh-ing over the history of witches and Jack-o-Lanters, funny limericks and Dia de los Muertos).

Overall, I think it’s a great-looking book, with more than a few things to open and see and do. I matted everything with red, black, orange, green or purple construction paper and the kids and I colored and augmented the pictures and glued clip art inside to help complete the look – in fact, I’m sure we’ll add more little bits of info in the margins before we’re done.

If you’ve done a Halloween lapbook, I’d love to see it!



One response

  1. PB&J

    Awesome!! Great job :). I’m totally stealing that idea and doing our next lapbook that way!! Clapping loudly!!

    October 27, 2010 at 5:55 pm

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