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Deer Lapbook

We made this lapbook the week that hunting season opened in 2010. As I went into in the post Family Traditions, deer hunting is almost a holiday for my family. I decided to do a lapbook so that we could incorporate what we were doing that week with what we were learning about.


Cover picture

Enchanted’s White Tailed Deer

HomeschoolShare’s Deer Lapbook (most of the mini-books came from here; we added a few extra things too)

HomeschoolShare’s The Yearling Lapbook (we only added a couple of things, but you could combine the books into one)

Wikipedia (deer [main] and several other specific types of deer pages)

Facts About Deer

Antlers Vs. Horns

White Tailed Deer (Wisconsin State Animal)

Newborn Fawns & The Newborn Fawn

The whole book is rather small; it’s made from 2 file folders, one opened and re-folded to open in the middle. The other one, I sheared the edges off and trimmed the bottom and taped inside to each of the flaps.

This was an easy lapbook – we finished it in 2 days (more or less). The kids really enjoyed working on this book. It goes into predators (we looked up mountain lions, wolves, jaguars   – which led to discussions about and looking up more on Native American and South American myths and culture – and Conservation Status of the animals and what that means). It was a very informative project!

I hope you enjoy seeing our work! If you’ve done this lapbook, please post a link!




    3 responses

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    2. Hi from one of your HN-Yahoo-listers. 🙂

      I love the lapbook idea. I haven’t done any with my kids because I was thinking I needed to buy some folders. Thanks for posting this file folder version! Perfect!

      Oh, I just noticed that you used two folders. Can you explain how the second one is attached? I’m not getting it. Unless the second one is also refolded in two places? Thanks.

      November 11, 2010 at 10:02 am

      • Hi Patty! Welcome 🙂
        Lapbooking is SO much fun – it’s been a great way for my kids to do unit studies and collect/display what they’ve learned.

        The folders for this book are done the same way that the Halloween Lapbook is put together, the deer book just opens up vertically instead of horizontally. If you look at the HL page, there’s a picture that shows it better.

        When you re-fold the main folder, There are two grooves on the edges, where the two flaps (that are half sized to meet in the middle) join the back.
        I take the second file foler and trim the edges (where the tab is and the seam) and take a little off the top so that they’re smaller than the base folder.
        Then I tape one part of the folder into the groove on the left and the other on the right.

        If you need more space, you can take a third folder and trim it down, then tape one section to the top of the middle inside the base folder, and one to the bottom so that the whole thing opens out into a cross shape.

        I’ll try to post a photo demo in a day or so to explain it better.
        Thanks for commenting!

        November 11, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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