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China Lapbook

We’ve been covering Ancient China in our history lesson (Story of the World Vol. I chapter 10 & Mosaic activity guide) over the last few weeks and decided to do a lapbook to wrap the unit up.

Most of the templates I used for this lapbook come from; their country guide on China and also the  Ancient China Lapbook.  The country guide resources were made by Clementine Calleja, and big gold star to her; the mini books look great and were really easy for the kids to work with.

My niece Fred was with us when we started this lapbook, so we divided the ‘What Would I Find in China’ cards up into a matching game and the kids worked together to figure out which cards went with which pictures.

We were also able to use some of the pictures that we took from our field trip to Forbidden Gardens in Katy, TX back in January 2011. unfortunately, the attraction is closed now, but it was such a neat place and I am so glad we got to visit before they closed it down. The kids still talk about it and say that it was one of their favorite field trips that we’ve taken so far.

The Homeschool Share Ancient China page also has a couple of videos; one on making replicas of the terra-cotta soldiers and one on the Great Wall. My kids usually enjoy a video with whatever lesson we’re doing and YouTube makes that ever so easy to accomplish. We also printed the Confucius copywork and had the kids alternate pages until they were all done. This is the first time we’ve included this much copywork in a lapbook. They wrote most of it in cursive, and I have to say that it looks really great!

We also did the China Webquest – actually, we did the activities first (or ones similar to the webquest ones) and then discovered the webquest – that site has TONS of cool missions and activities that work very well with lapbooking. The China webquest has links to quizzes that you can work with your kids on, which I thought was a great addition to this unit and let me see that the kids really did retain what we’d been covering.

If you have other resources that would work well in this unit or with this study, please feel free to link to them in the comments. Thanks for checking out our lapbook!




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