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Butterfly Lapbook

This is our butterfly lapbook. I am pretty sure that this is the Hands of a Child Butterfly lapbook from; I can’t find the file I downloaded. I remember that it was a monster file – like 80+ pages with the activity guide and all of the mini-book templates. I think I snagged it when it was in a promotion and available for free; the price on the one listed now is $15.00.

That’s a little much, IMO, for a lapbook, though I understand the cost if you’re using the activity guide as well. We only used the templates; they’re pretty self-explanatory. If you’re a new lapbooker though, using a quality guide like the HoaC one will definitely get you off to a good start and can be extra helpful if you think you might want to create your own lapbook template/guide one day.

In any case, this was a great project and the finished product is one of the better-looking lapbooks that we’ve made. As I’ve said before, I tend to do most of the cutting and pasting; my kids are not artistically inclined in this way so it works out for all of us. Plus, when I glue everything in place, I know it is in there securely and that makes for a quality finished product that my kids can look at again and again without having to be overly careful opening books and turning pages. I also matte everything, which makes it look oh-so-nice!

There were several options on some of the mini-books, for older and younger children, it seemed. I ended up printing them all and letting each of the boys do some tracing, some writing and some free-hand drawing. There were a lot of activities and things to do with this book, but we finished it in a few days. It was fun and engaging and we were able to supplement it with videos of butterfly life cycles and migration paths.

If you have additional resources or your own butterfly lapbook that you’d like to share, please feel free to link in the comments. Thanks for checking our latest lapbook!




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