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Alligators Vs. Crocodiles Lapbook

We had a field trip to Gator Country, a local alligator rescue organization (and also formerly? of CMT’s ‘Gator 911‘ fame) and wanted to get prepared. To do that, I decided to work with the kids on a lapbook that focused on crocs and alligators.

For this lapbook, rather than making my own, I combined two pre-made lapbooks into one. I used these two:

which actually worked well. They’re targeted towards two different age groups and we were able to do many of the same lesson topics at the same time, just a little older or younger. Since my boys are slightly differing in age, the two formats (one a little ‘older’, one a little ‘younger’) that covered many of the same topics worked very well.

This is the first lapbook that they have done that is primarily their own work. I found some research materials on Enchanted Learning and they used those sheets to complete the mini-books. They did such a great job!

Here’s how it turned out:



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