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100 Days of Homeschool Lapbook

This is our 100 Days of Homeschool Lapbook. I found the cover picture in a Google search and wrote in the date that we hit 100 days.

Upon further examination, I realized that the day before was actually our 100th day – so we have officially completed 100 days of homeschool.

I went online and searched for “100 days of school” lessons and ideas and found a bunch that were classroom related, but none specific to homeschooling. I also didn’t find any lapbook lesson plans, so I created my own.

This lapbook uses 2 manilla file folders; one opened and the re-folded so that the flaps open in the middle, and one cut in half with one half pasted into the back section at the top, and the other half cut in half again, and taped into each side flap to make a total of 9 surfaces.

Using mini book templates from and pictures from Google as decorations, I made several mini-books and lists.

I used a list of Fry Instant Sight Words to make the boys each an “I can read 100 words” accordion fold book, a tabbed book with “100 Things About” and the boys picked the topics (Cosmo & Cats, Dad, etc.) I printed out a picture of a $100 bill and we made a list of our 100 favorite things, and used a scrap piece of paper for the “Ways to make 100” booklet.

The green section was supposed to be a graph and list of objects measured with 100 paper clips strung together, but we didn’t get around to finishing that part of it.

I also found a 100 chart that I cut and pasted into the “ways to make 100” booklet.

I added 3 tabbed booklets with “100 Things about Me” for the three of us. Each tab has 20 things on it with topics for each 10.


Wants/Doesn’t Want



and 20 Is Thankful For

They really turned out cute. We worked on them over several days; the boys both found it difficult to focus on thinking about their lists for very long.


  • century
  • centurion
  • centigrade
  • cent
  • percent
  • centimeter

I made 2 hot dog books and told the boys to draw or write 100 things – anything they wanted – into the pages, with an equal number on each page. They ended up drawing circles and lines, and due to the number of pages, I think five pages had 16 and one page had 20.

I made 2 petal books; one with the date that we reached 100 days, and one that had 2 letters of the words “one hundred” on a petal, then when you open it up, it says:

“The phrase ‘one hundred’ has 10 letters in it. If you write ‘one hundred’ 10 times, you will have written 100 letters.”

I also crafted a 100 word rhyming story (it’s a complaint about the children griping about folding their laundry, which is what I was listening to when I was trying to figure out what to put in the cute pencil-shaped accordion book, lol).

I found a picture of a centipede (which also would have gone in the vocabulary section, but the pattern would have been thrown off, so we added it here) and description of it, and also a picture with 100 items in it.

So, that’s our 100 Days of Homeschool lapbook! Hope you enjoyed it.




4 responses

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your 100th Day of Homeschooling Lapbook. I love the way that you have incorporated the meaning of 100 into so many aspects of your lapbook.

    I hope you don’t mind that I have linked to his page in my article on the 100th Day of School. Would you mind if I included one of your photos?

    May 21, 2011 at 6:29 am

    • Thanks, Evelyn! I appreciate you linking my lapbook to your site – that’s pretty nifty!

      As for pictures, if you’ll let me know which one you want, and an email address, I’ll send it to you.

      May 23, 2011 at 8:19 am

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