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Our Lapbooks

When I first came across the idea of lapbooks, I thought they were so cool. I knew I wanted to incorporate them into our homeschooling lessons, but the actual doing of that didn’t go as planned. The first one that we worked on was the Chrysanthemum lapbook over at After a couple of attempts at helping the boys each make one, we gave up. It just wasn’t working for us – we were doing lessons, then trying to fit the lapbook stuff in – it was just too much to accomplish all at once. Since by that point, we were getting into a good groove, I shelved the lapbook idea (every once in a while mourning the lack of awesome lapbooks to flip through) and we moved on.

A few weeks ago, I reconnected with my friend, PB&JMom, who has been homeschooling for several years. We went to lunch at her house and she pulled out this huge basket full of lapbooks – I was so impressed. Finding my love of lapbooks rekindled, I grilled her on how to make lapbooks fit in with regular homeschooling lessons. Basically, she said that they use them either as a review to help catalog what they’ve learned over a period of time, or they take a week or so and work on a themed lesson, the results of which go into the lapbook. It was like a light bulb went off – I suddenly ‘got’ how to work them in.

That is how we finally got around to making lapbooks a regular part of our lesson plans. Our first real lapbook is our ‘100 Days of Homeschool’ Lapbook. I found a bunch of ideas on teachers sites for the 100 days celebrations, and we planned a party and invited some friends over to help us celebrate. We worked on the 100 Days lapbook in the week leading up to the party, and showed it off the day of. It was a smashing success! (written in 2010)

Update: November 2014:

When I first found lapbooks, I loved them! Fast forward a few years, and they kind of fell out of favor. But this year, I’ve ‘rediscovered’ them, and have been finding ways to make them (combined with notebooking) more applicable and interesting to older kids (essentially, by adding more information, and more in-depth information, and turning them into research projects for the kids to complete).

Here’s a list of all our lapbooks to date (more will be added as we make them).

  1. Chrysanthemum
  2. 100 Days of Homeschool
  3. Texas Symbols (Oct 2010)
  4. Halloween Lapbook (Oct 2010)
  5. Deer Lapbook (November 2010)
  6. Renaissance Lapbook (November 2010)
  7. Robots Lapbook (November 2010)
  8. Ten Things I Learned in 2010 Lapbook (January 2011)
  9. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lapbook (January 2011)
  10. The Bossy R Lapbook (January 2011)
  11. Ancient Egyptian Architecture Lapbook (February 2011)
  12. Texas Independence Day Lapbook (March 2011)
  13. Butterfly Lapbook (May 2011)
  14. China Lapbook (June 2011)
  15. Black History Month Lapbook (February 2012)
  16. Titanic 100th Anniversary Lapbook (April 2012)
  17. Minerals & Rocks (April 2012)
  18. Dr, Seuss Lapbook (March 2012)
  19. Crocodilians (Crocs vs. Alligators) April 2012
  20. Manatees (October 2012)
  21. Ancient Greece (November 2012)
  22. Story of the World II (August – December 2012)
  23. The Boxcar Children / BYFIAR (January 2013)
  24. Keep Calm and Love Insects (January – February 2014)
  25. Weather (spring/summer 2014)
  26. Turtles (PeaGreen – October 2014)
  27. Pirates (LBB – October 2014)
  28. New England Region (November 2014)
  29. Story of the World III (January – November 2014)
  30. Middle Atlantic States (December 2014)
  31. Little House on the Prairie (Winter 2014/2015)
  32. Southeastern Region (February 2015)
  33. Mars Rover (PeaGreen – January – March 2015)
  34. Solar System & Planets (April – May 2015)
  35. Weather (Summer 2015)
  36. All About Knights (September 2015)
  37. Story of the World IV (January – (November?) 2015)