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We Must Speak Out.

The Pearls and their ‘ministry’ are under fire again. Another dead child ‘in the name of god’. HOW are these people still publishing? Their most recent victim is Hana Williams. This beautiful girl  ‘was found face down, naked and emaciated in the backyard; her death was caused by hypothermia and malnutrition‘. I am re-blogging this from 2010 to raise awareness for the appalling things that are being done to these children – the dangerous, horrendous, sickening things. 

I am also calling out to Christian parents to speak out as well. This is being done in the name of YOUR god. This is your Heavenly Father’s name that is being dragged through the mud. I was raised Christian, and there’s no way that the god I was raised to know would approve of the methods advocated in To Train Up A Child.

If you haven’t read it, check here for the full text. If you want just the highlights, check Patheos, here.

To add your name/blog to the public boycott, and get your own banner/sticker for your website or blog, check MuseMama here.

Seriously. SPEAK OUT.

This Adventure Life

I’ve been aware of and vocal in other internet arenas about the horror of the writings, teaching and actions by followers of Michael and Debi Pearl for years. Between them and Gary Ezzo’s Babywise series, I’ve had many conversations about these books and philosophy, both with moms online and in real life, and once even with Anne Marie Ezzo herself, and I have yet to find any value in what reads like a ‘how to’ manual for child abuse. In fact, many of the methods purported to help you raise perfect children are so completely contrary to the notion of biblical ‘grace’ that it makes me wonder how people who profess to imitate Jesus could be so blind.  It literally makes me ill to hear people defend these books and even more so the people who wrote them.

I will say that I don’t think that parents intentionally pick…

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