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Summer 2013 – Week 5

summer 4

This week was another one of those ‘super busy’ weeks. With a holiday, a birthday and special karate seminar, we were rockin’ and rollin’ all week long!

Monday was the usual – Tennis Camp. I wish I could make the write-up from this more exciting, but it’s not particularly interesting unless you’re actually playing. After spending much of the early afternoon at home, I had a consult with an oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth. That was all kinds of fun, let me tell ya.

Tuesday, we called a break and stayed home. Wednesday, we were supposed to have our homeschool group over for 4th of July crafts, but everyone was preparing for the holiday weekend, so we decided to call the group meet-up off for this week and reconvene next week.

July 4th fell on Thursday this year, and we were all about Patriotic Fun! We had a bunch of friends over with their kids for BBQ and swimming, then fireworks. The mamas all crowded the pool with the littles while the dads got their grill on, then we fed everyone and herded the small people into the yard for sparklers. We did have an injury – one of the sparklers backfired on a mama’s hand and burned her pretty badly, which sucked (but she was okay). Sparklers aren’t like I remember them. When I was a kid, they were long and burned for a long time. These as so short – they basically fizzle for a second and then are out. Lame.

The rest of the fireworks went off without a hitch. We had snakes and Black Cats and Roman Candles and quite a few that went way up and had a big shower of sparks. It was definitely a great holiday for us!






Friday was, of course, PeaGreen’s 10th birthday. We didn’t have his actual party until Sunday, but the day-of, we went to

lunch at his favorite restaurant, then went to karate for a special seminar. The form of karate we take is Shotokan, and our dojo is part of the Shotokan Karate-do International Federation. The Kancho (head) of SKIF is Nobuaki Kanazawa, and our dojo (Beaumont Shotokan Karate) was honored to host him and several of the Board Members for SKIF over the July 4th weekend. This is the second year in a row that we’ve had this honor, and it so happened to fall on PeaGreen’s birthday. For my little green-belt, this was an awesome way to spend his birthday!




Saturday, Loverly Husband and I went to The Woodlands for the second day of the seminar, which was 4 hours of training. Sunday, we actually celebrated PeaGreen’s birthday by taking a couple of his friends to see Despicable Me 2, then had 12 of his buddies over for a sleepover. That was a wild evening! This was really the only clear(ish) picture that I got – I need to remember not to try to take action shots with my phone!



His cake was awesome. Though you can’t really see it here, it was made with plain chocolate cake, whipped cream (colored green) and topped with tons of fruit – grapes, cantaloupe, plums, and berries (and candles). He was very happy with it.

What a week!



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