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Summer 2013 – Week 4

summer 2

This week started off with Sunday. Usually, I like my week to start with Monday, but since I already published last week’s fun and games, I put the weekend with this post.

Recently (well, back in November) we signed up with Spiral Scouts International, which is a scouting program designed for minority faiths. Since our homeschool group is secular and this program can be tailored to be non-religious, we thought it would be great for our group. So far, so good! We were recently chartered, which means ‘official’, basically, but we’ve been getting together for monthly events just as a ‘get to know you’ type of thing. Over this past weekend, we had a ‘make and fly a simple kite’ craft and meet-up. It was fun! The kids made the simplest of kites (one sheet of computer paper, carefully curled and stapled, with a string attached). They also brought ‘real’ kites to play with. It wasn’t a very windy day, but they still got their simple kites in the air!

Monday and Tuesday were pretty  non-eventful; just tennis camp. We’ve been going strong for a few weeks now and are getting kinda pooped! We took a couple of days off to rest since Wednesday will be a long day.



Our homeschool group plans a big trip to Galveston to visit Moody Gardens every year. This year, the group had the option of any two exhibit halls, and/or Palm Beach, which is their newly-renovated water park. We chose to only visit the water park since our family just recently visited the other halls. It was SUCH a great idea! We had a wonderful time. The kids ran all over while the moms mostly stayed in the lazy river.



Thursday was another ‘day of rest’; recovering from a day in the sun is hard work! No sunburns though, thankfully. Yay for sunscreen! Friday, we got to hang out with some long-lost friends who recently moved away. They come back to town frequently though, so we haven’t lost them entirely! We spent a few hours playing in the water out at Village Creek – one of our favorite haunts this summer.




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