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Summer 2013 – Week 3

summer 3Another week of summer fun down; nine more to go!

You know, I always pack our summer full of stuff, and with other family stuff we’ve taken on (Saturday karate and Sunday Spiral Scouts), the weeks seem to shrink – time flies by!

Monday started off as all the weeks of our summer seem to; with Tennis camp. Afterwards, the moms came back to my house after feeding the horde of children, for a craft day. We all have projects we’re working on, either for etsy stores or for craft fairs, and never time to work on them, so we decided to carve out some productivity time. We’ve dubbed this ‘Mommy Craft Day’ and decided that we should do it most (if not every) Monday.

On mighty Tyrsday, we skipped town for a day in Galveston. We usually take some time during the summer to meet up with some friends of ours in a Houston-area homeschool group for their trip to the beach. Though we missed them there, a trip across the bay is always fun. We were very late because of traffic – we waited for over an hour to get on the ferry. In any case, the kids had a blast.


Wednesday, we went to a library presentation for the SBC. The featured guest was musician Ray Simien, who was with Young Audiences. I used to LOVE when YA would come to our school and do a music class. ONe of the ones I remember most was when a lady in a fabulous salsa dress to explain the finer points of ‘La Bamba’ to us. I guess that raised my expectations, but this (though he was talented) was in no way comparable. For one thing, the age group was way lower than my kids are. My mistake, maybe, but the room was filled with pre-schoolers, while the SBC was billed for 6-12 year olds. In any case, the kids were pretty cute. Mr. Simien asked for volunteers to sing with him, but they had to guess the song first. Thanks to this, ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber has basically been stuck in my head for a week. We are less than thrilled.  My crew elected to visit the library instead of continue the YA program, so we checked out some books and made plans for home, lunch, and then swimming.


On Thursday, I was teased mercilessly by Loverly Husband for saying, when we were discussing plans for the day while lazing in bed, that I was going to ‘drop the children off at tennis and go to the salon to get my nails done, then grab some coffee and pick them back up’. Apparently, that’s a very West-End Wanda (what we call the high-falootin’ bitches in my town) thing to say and he thought it was hi-lar-i-ous. In any case, that’s what I did, then took the kids to lunch, did some shopping at the local Goodwill (which isn’t very WEW at all), then we met some friends at the bookstore (and I got my coffee that I’d missed earlier). Then we hit the library for their Lego Club. The kids learned about castles, castle construction out of Lego’s, and got to build catapults out of craft sticks and launch marshmallows. LBB shot his off the mat, which was the record so far out of all the classes the teacher had done previously.



Friday was our homeschool group’s Humane Society volunteering day, and we had SUCH a great turn-out! We had a total of 6 adults and 12 kids. One of ours even got to be in a photo-session with one of the dogs up for adoption. Afterwards, we picked up Happy Meals & met PBJMom for some swimming. After such a long day, I ended up bringing a few extras home to spend the night; the addition of Red Ranger, Huckleberry Pie and Red Butler made it a sleep-over party.


Hope your summer is coming along swimmingly! (sorry, with all the swimming we’re doing, that seemed appropriate, if a bit cheesy)



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