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Summer 2013 – Week 1

summer (2)Our summer is off to a great start!! Technically, we’re not out for the summer; we school all year through, but summertime still deserves its own special attention and curriculum, I think. Recently, I decided that our school year basically has 3 semesters: Winter (Jan. – May), Summer (June – August), and Fall (Sept. – December).

In Winter, we do literature units, unit studies, lots of lapbooks and notebooking in addition to the basics (reading, writing and arithmetic… and history and science). In Summer, we have lots of activities – tennis camp, hiking every week, plus other activities, so we kind of unschool with some desk work as well – but far less than ‘normal’. The Fall semester is hour hardcore, sit-at-your-desk, this grade’s curriculum time. This sort of schedule keeps things lively. We don’t get bored and there’s always something new right around the corner.

Last week, I sat down with a few of my friends who will be hanging out with us a lot this summer, and we planned the calendar. In our area, there is a LOT for kids to do, especially in the 8-12 age range. In addition to that stuff, our homeschool group also keeps the calendar running through the summer, so we have that stuff on the books as well. If you read last summer, then you may remember my niece, Appleberry, and our friends Red Butler and Huckleberry Pie, with stepmom Bridey. They’re back this summer, and our long lost friends, PBJMom and kids (JellyBean, Bella, AngelBoy and PuddleJumper) are back, and new/old friends SmurfMom and her son RedRanger are joining us as well. I figured I would introduce them now, to save time later.

I also made their Summer Passports for 2013 this week. Last year’s Passport was really fun, and is fun to have now as a reminder of all the cool stuff we did, so I wanted one for this year as well.  At one point, I will post the blanks for this year’s (which has a different cover), but the old one is generic, so you can either use it, or make a new cover with MSWord.

So let’s re-cap Summer, Week 1: June 3-7, 2013!

Monday was Bad Wolf Day! Unless you’re a Whovian, that won’t make sense. If you are, then I bring you this:

In less exciting news, I also had a dentist’s appointment. The kids brought schoolwork to do with them. They used an isolite while they were doing my teeth and LBB came in and thought it would be a neat topic for his research project this week, and PeaGreen decided to research teeth and cavities and dental work. So great for them, not so much for me. I have severe anxiety and was far from ‘okay’ even though each and every one of the thousand times I was asked if I was, I said yes. Let’s skip to Tuesday, shall we?

Tuesday was supposed to be our homeschool group’s regular field trip day, but due to the location’s schedule, we had to do it on Wednesday, so we basically just did school. Not very exciting, I realize, but stick around; it gets better.

Wednesday, the field trip ended up getting cancelled, so we did schoolwork in the morning, then had lunch and friends over for swimming! This was the first time since the boys got to see Red Butler and Huckleberry Pie since they got back to Texas over the weekend. They’d been asking when they’d get to see their friends, so I am glad the field trip got the axe.


Thursday, we had another field trip scheduled with our homeschool group, to the Clifton Steamboat Museum, which is in the back of a huge event center complex. Outside the museum is the 1938 tugboat, “Hercules,” standing at 36 feet high, 22 feet wide and 92 feet long.

The engine of the Hercules is inside the museum. It was constructed for a locomotive, and then put into the tugboat. It’s really huge!

The theme of the museum is Heroes of the Past, and they have tons of models, artwork and artifacts from the Civil War and WWII. There are portraits of boat captains, army generals and other ‘brass’, models of the warships (armoured in massive cotton bales since the South lacked metal, they used what they had), and other replicas. It was weird to see southern paddle boats kitted out for war!

Upstaris, they have model planes from WWII and other nifty old-timey stuff, like boy scout parephenalia and the processes of making bronzed states and figurines.


Friday was yet another field trip… we decided last year that during the summer months, we should do a weekly hike out to Village Creek State Park for some hiking and swimming. It’s a little over 2 miles out to the swimming hole and back, so we get a little exercise and some fun in the sun. We all (thankfully) remembered to bring sunscreen, so no sunburns for this crew!!

We also got signed up for the Summer Reading Club, which is always fun. This is the third (or fourth) year we’ve done it, and they just have so many activities for the kids to do! They’ve changed their program up a bit, which I think is easier now, so we’re looking forward to getting started next week.

The weekend consisted of karate for Loverly Husband and a bunch of loafing around for me and the kids, then spending the afternoon with my amazing BFF who just found out that the implantation for her first surrogate pregnancy took. So we celebrated with work, lol. And ice cream. Sunday, Loverly Husband took the kids to see their great grandmother and to make Monsters University clackers at the Lowe’s Build and Grow kids’ clinic while I cleaned house in preparation for the weekly hooping class that some friends and I started. We all are too embarrassed to go to a formal class, so we’re going to try it with ‘just friends’ who won’t point and laugh. Well, they will, but it’ll be WITH you,, not AT you. Okay, well it will be AT you, but nicely… not secretly being bitchy behind your back. In any case, we ended up cancelling because we’re all poor and didn’t have the money to make them this week… trying again next week!

This week was kinda light, but the local ISD isn’t out yet, so most of the community stuff starts next week (like Tennis Camp!!). We weren’t as busy as we will be next week.
Hope your summer is starting off with a bang!




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