Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

Winding Down…

 It’s the end of our school year and we’re winding down. This is our last week before our break – three years of homeschooling have gone by in such a flash!

Some of the things we’re wrapping up:

Ancient Greece Lapbook

Manatee Lapbook (and accompanying community service project – many apologies to those of you who have been looking for updates on our manatee project; we truly have not forgotten about it – as soon as I have our adoptions complete, I will be posting the updated info on them. It’s in my plan for this week!)

The boys have finished their grade workbooks for this school year; even knowing how fast they can work through those books, it’s always surprising to me when they zip through them in only a few months. The Aug-Nov schedule has been a pretty normal one, including a more or less month-long break so we could help take care of my mom after her surgery and through the issues associate with that – and yet still they’ve breezed through their lessons. I am not quite ready to advance them to the next grade, so we’re going to work on literature units from January through May of 2013.

Its been crazy-busy around here between my mom’s recovery and the holidays. We’ve had to replace basically all of the appliances in our house over the last few months, so Tool Time has been in full-force; Loverly Husband spent this weekend replacing the floor in our kitchen! We’ve also run errands and in general been too busy to sit still for much schoolin’; hopefully this week will afford us the time to finish up the last few things for the end of the year, then we can relax!

I have been talking to several moms lately about Five in A Row – I used Before Five in a Row and FIAR when my kids were small, and I LOVED it. As a literature-minded person, I loved that those lesson plans were based in beloved children’s books; they just fit our style so very well. So, in light of that, I ordered the Beyond Five in A Row to work through with the kids when we start again in January.

Volume I utilizes The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner and Homer Price by Robert McCloskey as its two fiction selections, and Thomas Edison by Sue Guthridge and Betsy Ross by Ann Weil from the Childhood of Famous Americans Series for its two non-fiction selections.

We’ve already read the Boxcar Children, but not as a unit study. The other books are new to us, but I am sure that they’ll be interesting. I am not sure of the timing for those units, so if we have time, I will be ordering the other books as well. I think that TBC is a bit young (3rd grade level), but since they’ve read it already, I thought that it might be a good way to boost their enthusiasm for the assignments by working with material they’re already familiar with.

To start us off in our literature adventure, and even though we’re not technically doing ‘school’ for the next month, we’re reading Lois Lowry’s The Giver. I found a lesson plan that spans 2 weeks that we may use to really get into the meat of the book; but even if we just read the series, I think there is plenty of educational value in that. Scholastic’s website also has resources for The Giver.

In any case, I am excited to wrap this school year up and get ready for the new term in January!




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