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Three Weeks In…

and things are going well.

We have been hitting the books pretty hard; there are serious dents in the boys’ workbooks, which makes me insanely happy. I know that it ‘shouldn’t’, and that seeing piles of completed work doesn’t equal learning… but still, something about seeing those stacks of completed assignments (or at least grades in the computer) makes me feel like we’ve accomplished more than when I don’t see those things. Some habits are hard to break, I guess.

Anyway – if the boys keep moving at the pace they’ve set, then they’ll be done with this ‘year’ by December. I am in no rush, and we won’t start the new grade until I am sure they’re ready. For a bit, I thought that was a reasonable goal, but we really need to work on multiplication tables with PeaGreen,  and LBB is into fractions with mixed numbers, so we’re camping out in those areas for the time being. We finally got the hang of GCF and LCM… so maybe things will be moving along soon.

Next up: decimals! (can you feel the excitement??)

We’ve pretty much combined Grammar, Spelling and Reading this year (as subjects). We’re still notebooking (Beethoven is our current notebooking project), and lapbooking (Minerals (on hiatus), The Continents, a Weather unit, and SOTW II (about to go on hiatus so we can work the Ancient Rome, Viking Adventure & Ancient Greece lapbooks from HomeschoolShare). I’ll have new pages up on those lapbooks when we’re done; almost all of those use templates from, but I’ve either changed or added things to them (of my own or from other places) to bring them up to the boys’ level.

I am really liking the ‘unit study’ theme and am considering bringing that concept more into play in January. There are several books I’d like to go through, but I would like the pressure off to complete ‘grade level’ work before we delve too much into them. When the boys were younger, we did FiveInARow, and I *loved* that… in the past year or so, we’ve strayed from CM-style learning and I am ready to get more into literature-based work again. I am considering getting Beyond Five in a Row as a guide for January.

Field trips are back in full swing as well. We’ve gone on a 2.2 mile hike and swim with our homeschool group, and had planned to hit the water park this past week, only to find out that they all closed over the weekend. I am bummed about that – summer is NOT over yet, even if school has begun for the majority of districts. We made up for it with a trip to a local sprinkler park (with thankfully remains open through September).

Photo by Amanda Pond

In other news, the boys both tested for their yellow belts in karate, and passed! Shamrocks and I will be testing in October (him for orange and me for yellow). I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my stamina over the last few months – I am much stronger now than I was when I started training.

Hmmm… oh – Minecraft. My kids (an I) are all addicted. So, rather than fight it, we’re using it. One way we’re incorporating gaming into education is by graphing out a building plan on graph paper and then building it in Minecraft. We play on XBox 360, and since it’s just me and the boys, it is less distracting (we don’t play online). We’re just creating simple designs at this point, but we will be creating more grand constructions in the future, and building cooperatively. There are also ideas at that I’d like to try. It’s a little redundant for my boys (the journaling part will be new though). I am considering having them keep track of their resources on a daily basis (collected, used, lost, traded) when we start journaling as well.  they both have created multiple servers and explored multiple seeds with different biomes… so they definitely get the creative and cooperative side to the game. As addictions go, this isn’t one I am complaining about.

We’ve also started another kitchen project – water kefir. So far, we’ve made strawberry lemonade and fruit punch and they’re super yummy! We usually drink water or tea (and we all know that this Mommy is a coffee fiend!), so this is a welcome alternative. It’s also a fun science lesson – watching the kefir grow and seeing the differences in taste after 24/48/36 hour fermentations.

Some other things we’ve been up to:

  • school pictures (which I will have to update and post later since I am not at the right computer) – also part of the NBTS Blog Hop (that I am late in participating on).

(edited to add:

Not Back to School Blog Hop

  • I also added this year’s school pictures t the ‘school days’ frame that we have for each other boys (instead of keeping the pictures on my desk for 6 months, watching them get raggedy and worn before adding them to the frame).
  • As always with picture-time, I made this year’s homeschool ID cards and educator ID card for myself, as well as homeschool group ID cards for the parents in our homeschool group, and updated my educator accounts with Barnes & Noble, JoAnn’s, School Aids, Office Depot… all those discounts add up!!
  • I re-vamped the kids’ workboxes (which I think I already posted about, but will make a proper post of in the future).
  • I’m about to embark on a massive household purge – I picked up a few super cheap clothes for the boys, then got home and realized that we’ve never cleaned out the too-smalls from the last few months. So between that and the piles of books that I’ve been hoarding, I seriously need to de-clutter (but then again, I always say that, don’t I?)
  • …. I think that’s about it for now.

Hope your school year is off to a wonderful (and productive) start!




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