Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

Back to (Home) School

One of the things I miss about brick-and-mortar school is the ‘first day of school’. With homeschool, it’s just a matter of falling back into a good routine. We don’t go anywhere, there aren’t new clothes and new backpacks and lunchkits, there’s no excitement about seeing who’s in your class this year or moaning about getting this teacher or that one.

On the one hand, you might say those are bonuses to homeschooling, not drawbacks… but I really loved the first day of school. I am thinking that when we break and go back in January (which is technically the beginning of our school year), I am going to have to make the first day back a little something more than we did today… maybe a Schultüte (a giant hand-made cone full of school supplies and other goodies) or party decorations… something fun, I think.

On the plus side, we spent our first morning ‘back to (home) school’ in our pajamas, had lovely mochas and spent the first part of the morning in quiet serenity (with a little bubbling excitement just under the surface). Our first day back went well overall. Usually, after a break of any kind, going back to a regular school schedule is like pulling teeth, but they were excited to get back. We went school supplies shopping last week, and since I banned all school supplies from anywhere but their desks, I wonder if part of their excitement was being able to use their new colored (and totally erasable) pens to do their work.

They breezed through Reading and Spelling; LBB got hung up on math, but PeaGreen got through his morning work pretty quickly (and so he got to do his chores! Yay!!).  After a bit of moaning and groaning, we took a break for lunch, then PeaGreen got over his hurdle. LBB was still in a funk and tried some of his old stalling tricks. We did some re-focusing, and then it was time to pack up and head over to a friend’s house to make soap.

The boys brought their work with them – Latin to finish, handwriting & Grammar (plus a bit of math for LBB). It wasn’t a total success (bringing work with us). PeaGreen – who is by far the less distractable of the pair, got finished with his work fairly quickly. LBB though…. he likes to dawdle. And stall. And find things to be distracted by. Being in a new place, watching mom do a cool craft – that’s not exactly a recipe for success. I cut him some slack though. To be fair, it wasn’t really a good time or place for ‘school on the go’. Our friend is extremely crafty and has lots of pretty cool things to look at. Plus, we were mixing oils and making soap! She even got out some homemade melt-and-pour soap and let the boys make up their own bars. LBB chose a lemon scent and PeaGreen chose grape.

Speaking of soaps… if you get a chance, check out her products at Goddess Divine Creations. I have a bathroom FULL of her soaps and they are *amazing* – my favorites at the moment at Nag Champa Hemp milk soap and Dragonsblood. I also use her Teen Clean Neem Facial Soap and quite a few others (Sin City Amber, Orange Patchouli, Lemongrass, Prosperity Blend, Strawberries & Champagne Salt Bar, Blueberry Salt Bar… oh, my list goes on and on!!).

The rest of the week has been surprisingly easy. Whatever mental block LBB had on Monday & Tuesday, he got over it by Wednesday and completed all his work in record time Wed & Thurs. PeaGreen is as steady as ever – he’s my little trooper!

We’re as busy as ever – Monday’s soap-making excursion, Tuesday’s field trip and planning sesh for the fall calendar with our homeschool group, Wednesday was mine and Loverly Husband’s 13th wedding anniversary, but we had a full day home at school, and Thursday (today), LH was home (we went to see The Dark Knight Rises… excuse me while I squee like a silly fangirl, but it was *fabulous*!!) but managed a pretty full day of schoolwork anyway – total gold star for Mom for managing to get school done with Dad home… that’s usually a no-go!

Speaking of Batman… Catwoman has always been one of my favorite characters, and I love the Batman/Catwoman ‘ship – I have since the good ‘ol days of Michael Keaton/Michelle Pfieffer movie way back when. I have to say, Anne Hathaway did a good job bringing her to life, and though I haven’t been as much of a fan of Christian Bale as the Dark Knight, it was good to see them on-screen together again (Batman and Catwoman, I mean). All things considered, this was a truly amazing movie.

Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle = ❤
Batman & Catwoman = ❤

So… things I learned this week:

  1. keep calm, and explore Mars – we need to incorporate the Mars landing into our lesson plans next week.
  2. keep calm, and pretend it’s on the lesson plan – be flexible with ‘on-the go’ lessons
  3. keep calm, and drink more coffee – coffee calms my kids down; that’s not a bad thing for desk work
  4. keep calm, and carry on – ignore distractions, like Dad being home
  5. keep calm, and play games – 8 minutes of math game is worth and other 15 minutes of hard-core desk work
  6. keep calm, and karate-do – our karate class was cancelled Tuesday due to the power being out from a storm. I just missed class and am looking forward to it this evening, that’s all {wink}

I am posting this on Thursday, and taking it on faith that Friday will go in a similar vein. Light a candle and hope that I don’t eat those words! Hope your first week back either went well, or will go well!




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