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Summertime: Week 8

Our summer is winding down… this was our last week of having ‘extras’ – Red Butler and Huckleberry Pie will be heading back to California next week. We’re thinking in terms of ‘back to school’ already; I ordered new books for the kids and have been cleaning on organizing the school room to get ready for when we start again.

This week has been a lot of fun though. My boys were both grounded last week, so they didn’t get to do much. By Friday, I needed some time out of the house, so PBJMom and I signed the four boys up for a class at the Big Thicket last Friday. It was a drop-off class; one of the few that we’ve attended. While the kids were in class, PBJMom and I went thrift-store shopping (ALONE… WITH NO KIDS… did I mention that part??) – it was fabulous! The class was only a few hours, so we were home in time for lunch.

The weekend went by quickly. We hosted a swim party for our dojo and had a bunch of kids in the pool – more, I think than that pool has seen in a decade or more!

My kids have been obsessed with Minecraft lately. This week, I finally gave it a shot… oh, hello new addiction. It’s seriously so much fun. It something we can all four play together, and on ‘peaceful’ mode, there are no creepers or zombies or other enemies, so it’s all about digging and building. We’ve sparked several conversations about building in real life vs. video games (support structures, etc…) – PeaGreen loves building things, so it’s fun to see what he comes up with to build.

On Tuesday, we had a Monster Sleepover at PBJMom’s house- six boys, three moms. We had such a great time! And the kids did, too. We did end up having a big sit-down pow-wow with them and talk about give and take, communication and conflict resolution. We did some role-playing and talked for quite a while with them. It was awesome having two other adults to help calm the crowd. I can’t even express how awesome it is to agree with your friends on disciplinary methods. We gave the kids four strategies to try – changing your tone, getting a friend to help mediate, walking away and telling an adult. We stressed the importance of friends taking up for friends and brothers, and  ‘friend on friend’ bullying (or rough housing that goes too far). I think they ‘got it’. I hope they did… in any case, we didn’t have a lot of arguing after that point, so something must have sunk in!

After lunch on Wednesday, we made Unicorn Poop cookies  – they’re so good! PeaGreen said that they taste like Froot Loops, and I think he’s right. We made ours with lemon flavoring instead of vanilla, and we didn’t use the stars or the round things – just the glitter glaze and rainbow sugar – they looked pretty good!


(I don’t know why these pictures won’t go to the middle… after an hour of jacking with the formatting, they are determined to align left and so they shall remain in defiance of HTML commands. Bastards.)

Wednesday night, Red Butler and Huckleberry Pie came over for their last sleepover at our house. It was kinda sad! But they all woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (having gone to bed relatively early after staying up until 2AM for the Monster Sleepover the night before) and played some Minecraft before we went to the library to turn in all their Summer Reading Club stuff – yay!! We’re finally done with that!

The kids all got certificates and some prizes – free bowling, free burgers and a couple of other things, and they get to go to the finale celebration at a local mini-golf and arcade place, which should be a lot of fun.

Friday was all about hanging out at home and resting up. More Minecrafting, if I remember correctly, lol. I did manage to start clearing out last school years’ paperwork though. That’s always a job!

Coming up soon – the ‘Not Back to School Blog Hop’ posts; we start school on August 6th!




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