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Summertime: Week 6

I am totally running out of cool things to say in these intros, lol. If you come here for homeschooly goodness, I apologize for the lack of such over the past few weeks – we’ll be getting back to the norm in about 3 weeks.

Just so you know that I haven’t forgotten about it, I am working on a lesson planning post and getting ready to get back into the school groove. This foolishness won’t last forever, I promise!

This week has been much less busy than last week; we’re back to our recent ‘norm’ after being insanely busy with a holiday, a birthday, and Loverly Husband being off. Monday was the next to last day of Tennis Camp, which they were excited about… then we were invited to come back for session II, which starts next week and lasts through August 5th. Appleberry was all over it, PeaGreen declined and surprisingly, LBB was totally for it. He hasn’t been the most ‘yay, tennis!’ kid, so I was shocked (but happy) that he wanted more.

After that, the kids went to visit Gramps and this mommy got a house full of quiet, which I enjoyed to the max – I even did the kids’ chores so I wouldn’t have to call them home! Then I got to go for the first time to our local Unity Church  for their meditation session, which was cool – different from the meditation at the Buddhist Temple, which I love going to, but good. After that, I met with some friends for coffee and made it in bed by 11:30PM (which is EARLY for me).Have you ever had one of those dreams that seems so real that you can feel it with every fiber of your being? That’s how I woke up Tuesday morning – someone was taunting me with a giant  scary spider and I was screaming so hard in my dream that I *fainted* and woke up with the ‘EWW GET IT OFF ME RIGHT NOW’ seizure-motion response that such phobias provoke. And it was 7:30AM – which is not a time I normally see. The morning was salvaged though – Loverly Husband hadn’t left for work yet, so we made coffee and got to chat for a bit before he had to go. I checked the computer and I saw that my very good friend the Mad Minx was online so we had a bit of a Skype date, then I had to round up the minions for the summer movie club offering. We saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2, which was actually pretty funny – sometimes these kids movies are a trial, but this was interesting and funny as kids movies go. I got a laugh out of the concept of ‘Mom Bucks’ – we’ve tried that before and the little petty part of me was glad that it didn’t work out any better for her than it did for me, lol.

After the movies, it was off to Rayma’s for a bit of crafting/art journaling, then to the library for a presentation on the animals we have in our area and a track identification exercise. (hey look – actual schoolwork, with a worksheet and everything!!). Apparently, the Big Thicket also has a summer program, so we’re going to try to check that out this week as well.

Tuesday evening is karate – our first class back again after a full week of being out! I have decided – no more karate after a week of absences… we missed last Saturday because we were being lazy, fully intending on making the rest of the week. Then Loverly Husband had to work late, then it was PeaGreen’s actual birthday and he went for a sleepover; Shamrocks went but I stayed home to enjoy the silence, then Saturday was his party and he opted to skip. (As I write this part out on Thursday, my legs are still sore and we have class tonight!)

Wednesday was supposed to be the last day of tennis camp, but we got rained out- boo to that! We went to the grocery store instead – yay for food! On the way home, we passed by a huge fairy ring on the side of the road and decided to stop and take a picture. I’ve never seen one that big before!  It was raining, too, but (despite their expressions), the kids thought it was pretty cool, too.

After we got home, Mom had all kinds of good intentions… that went right out the door in favor of a nap. The kids were being so sweet to each other, and playing so calmly and nicely… I was utterly unnecessary as guardian or peacekeeper, and so my body apparently decided that meant it was naptime. I woke up just in time to get dinner going and get ready for derby – there’s a game on Saturday, and as much as I’d like to say that I’ve been kicking butt and taking names getting ready for that, the truth is that I’ve been slacking – I haven’t even unpacked my bag from the last game a month ago – yikes!

Thursday was going to be a ‘home’ day. If you’ve been following along, then you may have noticed a slight absence of days spent lazing about at home, so the plan was to start making up for that. Unfortunately, there have been storms for the past 2 days and our power went out at 9AM. 4 kids, rain, no electricity (so lights, no tv, no video games) – this was its own special kind of hell, so we abandoned the ‘home’ plans in favor of hitting the other theater’s movie club. To be clear, there are two movie theaters in our area offering movie clubs for the summer – one (Tuesday) is a Cinemark theater, the other (Thursday) is a Dickinson theater. The one we had this experience with is a Dickinson theater.

It started off fine – but there were buckets in several aisles to catch the water from the leaky ceiling. I didn’t think a whole lot of that (though in retrospect, I maybe should have). About halfway through the movie, a huge chunk of ceiling tile soaked through and fell down into the audience – inches away from Red Butler’s seat. I shooed the kids to the side of the theater and went to speak with the theater employees (kids; no manager present), who said that the leaky roof was an on-going problem, and that they’d been trying to get the mall to fix it for the past year. While that may be true, I am calling shenanigans – I went back into the theater to take pictures, and that was not the only set of missing tiles – there were three – which means that someone knew that the tiles were falling due to being wet, and they STILL opted to open that theater and host a kids’ movie in it.

The theater refunded my money, and I went to talk with mall management, who was more interested in passing the buck than taking any responsibility for failing to ensure the safety of their patrons. He wanted to blame the theater, saying that it was the air conditioning (even claiming that he, personally, had been on the roof of the mall the previous day – in the rain, mind you – to check for leaks in the roof) in one sentence, then claiming that he didn’t know that the roof was leaking in the theater in the next breath.

In this instance, no one was harmed, but to knowingly endanger children is beyond comprehension. Thankfully, Loverly Husband was on the ball and he called city zoning, who will be sending someone out to assess the situation. I am incredibly thankful that the kids were okay – but the theater didn’t even close the movie or move it to a safer theater after the incident. I was in shock that they didn’t take it more seriously. I emailed both the theater company and the management company that runs the mall… we’ll see if and how the respond.

**UPDATE** Our local paper picked up the story, and I have spoken to Dickinson Theater’s corporate offices, who assure me that the offending auditoriums have been closed and that repairs are under way. I commend the corporate offices and Mr. Dake, in particular, for being on top of this and getting involved quickly. They are working to resolve the problem, which is what I was after by making our experience public. Bravo – I couldn’t ask for more!

As for Central Mall and thier management company… not so much (as of Sunday, July 15).

**UPDATE** I got an email on Monday (7-16-12) and a phone call on Tuesday from the management company for the Mall assuring me that safety is a prime concern and that the situation has been addressed and is on its way to being corrected. I was also invited to contact them for progress reports on the theater’s repair progress. Many thanks to David Renninger in particular for his prompt attention!

Profile PictureAfter karate, I met the officers from our local Breastfeeding Coalition for a board meeting to plan out the next few months of events, including a community swap meet and breatfeeding class that I will be teaching. It was directly after karate, so I went all sweaty and gross in my gi, and had the kids with me. I thought they would be bored, but there are a bunch of chess players that meet at that coffee shop all the time, and the boys got involved in their games and I ended up waiting half an hour on them to get done with their game so we could go home.

Anyone who says that homeschoolers don’t get properly socialized – I challenge you to take your schooled (and presumably ‘properly’ socialized) children to a coffee shop late  in the evening (when most kids are snug in bed) and see if they have the guts to approach tables full of strangers and not only ask to play, but interact with them for 2+ hours. All this without Mom’s help or input. That’s not something that most kids would be able/willing to/interested in doing and I am super proud of my boys for their guts and gumption!

On Friday, we were supposed to do things, but it was raining and I was feeling lazy, so we ended up doing a big bunch of nothing – and it was everything I’d always hoped it would be! Some might say that with our normal schedule, we deserve a restful day at home, and though part of me agrees, there’s another part that pokes me with a stick and whispers, ‘slacker’. I think I am okay with that though.

Saturday was to include karate, but I skipped out while the hubs took the kids. I had a derby game in the afternoon and am usually late, so I decided to take my time and get ready and show up on time for once. The game was good – our team won, which is always nice on home turf – but the real joy in derby is to get to know so many amazing, talented and dedicated people. We had players coming in from San Antonio, refs from Houston and volunteers from all over Southeast Texas who were willing to drive hours in nasty weather and spend their day playing derby. It’s not just a sport for women – there are plenty of men involved, too. Between the players, the refs and non-skating officials and volunteers that make this sport happen – all without any compensation (in fact, we all pay to play) – is so cool! And talk about bad ass role models for little girls – derby is all over it!

Sunday, the Sabbath, a Day of Rest… so we can do it all again next week!




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