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Summertime: Week 5

I knew going in that this week would be busier than the norm. With a holiday happening mid-week, plus PeaGreen’s birthday, and Loverly Husband taking half the week off, I was expecting things to be hectic, and they did not disappoint!

Monday, we had Tennis Camp as usual, then were invited to swim with PB&JMom and her kiddos. New pools are always fun to swim in, and swim they did – until their little fingertips and toes were raw! They had a fabulous time though. With nine kids and three moms, games like Marco Polo, Colors, Red Light Green Light and Mother May I were ever so much fun.

Tuesday was movie & library day – went to see Despicable Me and then to the library for Mystery Activities. Despicable Me is one of my favorite kids’ movies and one of the only ones that I actually wanted to watch. I must have been completely pooped though, because I fell asleep about 5 minutes into it and only woke up when they were celebrating at the end. The ‘fluffy’ comment is my absolute favorite though, and I vaguely remember hearing Agnes say it, so that was a plus.

The library had Mystery Activities, and the kids spent an hour or so solving puzzles, guessing what was inside ‘feel’ boxes, and figuring out riddles. They also stocked up on new manga (always a hit). I found a newer book called Hidden by Helen Frost that is written in poetic structure that we’ll be reading aloud this coming week. We haven’t been doing much by way of ‘real’ schoolwork lately, but this really sounds interesting and I can’t wait to delve into it with the kids.

Wednesday was a holiday – inconveniently placed in the middle of the week, but we had a Happy 4th of July anyway!! I totally lucked out – since Loverly Husband had the rest of the week off, he took the kids to the store to stock up on provisions for the afternoon BBQ and some household fixer-upper projects while I lazed away in bed.

He then spent most of the early afternoon cooking inside while I got the pool cleaned up and started the grill. This was my first foray into cooking on the pit. I shall generously define it as a moderate success – the sausage links were a bit crispy, but edible. The hot dogs and chicken turned out fine though.

After dinner, the kids played some games while the grown-ups chatted, then it was time for fireworks!

Thursday was PeaGreen’s actual birthday. He turned 9 this year, and though we planned a party for him, it really turned into more of a birthday week. Red Butler and Huckleberry Pie spent the night with us on 4th of July, then all the boys went to PB&JMom’s house for a sleepover Thursday night (which meant that while Loverly Husband was at karate, I played hooky and spent the evening in glorious silence!).

Thursday would have been our last day of tennis camp as well, but they bumped it up to next week to make up for missed days from the rain a couple of weeks ago. Once we got the kids up and dressed, we took them to see Stuart Little 3 (which was just awful, lol), then I brought them to PB&JMom and we had coffee for a bit, then I was CHILD FREE – which is such a lovely thing!
On Friday, we took Loverly Husband and Appleberry to SPAR – it was his first visit there. We had an awesome time. The kids were totally excited to have Dad there to play with them. I think they all got a little too much sun though; they all passed out on the way home in the car.

On Saturday, we picked up PeaGreen’s friends and took everyone for birthday party fun, to dinner and had a birthday sleepover. We saw Brave, which was good, but really not what I expected at all.

Today is Sunday – week’s end and everyone is back at their respective homes, the boys hit the hay pretty early today and I am getting ready to pack it in for the evening. This coming week should be a bit easier – I am feeling some crafting and maybe some organizing coming on. We have about 3 weeks until school starts up again, so I will be planning coming up in posts soon.



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  1. I love your spirit of adventure and what a good mom you are. You’re so skilled at stopping and seeing the world through your children’s eyes. I have much to learn from you, grasshopper. 🙂

    July 10, 2012 at 6:50 am

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