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Summertime: Week 3

At this same time last year, most of Texas was suffering severe drought conditions. That was miserable, and though I am glad we’re not in a similar situation this year, days and days of rain is also not cool.

We didn’t have tennis camp at all this week – we got rained out. Even moving the location to the athletic complex where they have squeegies for the courts didn’t help – it was pouring Monday through Wednesday!

It’s a good thing we had alternate plans! Monday, we had a house full of company over for a crafting date. We played with beads and string and a bit of Sculpy clay late into the evening.

Tuesday’s official homeschool field trip got cancelled, so we ended up going to the mall. I am not a ‘mall person’; it’s been months, at least, since I’ve been. It looks quite different than the last time I was in there. One cool things the kids found was a suspended projector and interactive floor screen. It had different scenarios playing that the kids could interact with – a soccer field, a bar-b-que pit (yes, they lay on the mat and pretended to sizzle) and a disco.

When we tired of the mall, we headed downtown for the Summer Reading Club show. Local artist Greg Buscheme brought his potting wheel and some clay and hosted a pottery demo. He made several things while we watched – he made it look so easy!

Thursday, the weather was finally nice, and we got a call from the tennis camp instructors letting us know that tennis was back on, but we’d already made plans to go hiking with some friends instead. Our karate classes were on hiatus for the week, so we haven’t been as active – a two-mile hike was just the ticket! We cooled off in the (possibly alligator infested) creek between one-mile legs.

The kids had a blast!

Week’s end saw us taking it pretty easy again – it seems like our Fridays are going to be pretty relaxed – with the hustle and bustle of the beginning of the week, I am thinking that’s a good thing!

Hope you’re staying dry (and cool)!



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  1. Hi Sweet Lady- Love your Blog! I added you to my Blog Roll list. 🙂

    June 27, 2012 at 10:45 am

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