Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

Summertime: Week 2

School has taken somewhat of a backseat over the last couple of weeks. Not ‘backseat’, exactly – but we’re definitely less scheduled at the moment than we are when there is less out-of-the-house stuff going on. This is one of the benefits of homeschooling, I think – the ability to adapt whatever we’re doing school-wise with what we have going on life-wise.

With the addition of a handful of extra kids in our midst, seat-work is really hard to focus on, not just for me but for the kids as well, so taking a break for a few weeks to accommodate the here and now is beneficial since the kids’ attention isn’t divided.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that there is no learning going on.  Aside from our actual homeschool group field trips (which are almost universally educational in some aspect or another) and the Summer Reading Club, summer is a great time for us to focus on subjects that don’t get a lot of face-time during the heavier workload months. Art, science projects, crafts that are related to book work – without the ever-present pressure of book work that simply must be done, there’s more time for the fun stuff.

Last week continued in the same vein as the week before, but with a few additions. We started Tennis Camp, which was fun – hot, but the kids enjoyed it.

We visited a local museum – it always surprises me when we come across a ‘new’ museum. You’d think that homeschooling as long as we have been now (2.5 years), we’d have hit the majority of them – but no… it seems that there are always new ones popping up.

In this case,  the museum we visited was a private collection of historical artifacts and memorabilia that was donated to a local school district. The museum has only been open to the public for the last couple of years, and it was really neat to see the variety of things that they had. The museum itself was set up like a small town – but unlike other ‘town’ museums, this one was all inside a large, air-conditioned warehouse. I think that this is my favorite ‘town’ for that reason alone!

We snagged a few good shots of the kids, but this one is my favorite:

After the museum, we had a lovely picnic and then headed over to the library for the Summer Reading Club’s program – magician James Clayton’s sleight of hand. He used flash paper, which is always a big hit with the kiddos. He also showed them how to palm an object (pom-poms) and hold a card on the back of their hands for card tricks.

Later in the week, I had a car full of kids and we went to see Puss in Boots. I have to say that the summer movie clubs are one of my favorite summer time offerings. For a dollar or two per ticket, we can see a movie each week – and even though we’ve probably seen it before (though in this case we hadn’t), spending a couple of hours out of the house but in the air-conditioned cavern of a movie theater is totally worth it! There are worse ways to get out of the Texas summer heat, but watching a kids movie isn’t so bad.

(No idea why those pictures are fuzzy – my camera was being wonky.)

To end the week, we had a special event at our dojo. The head of our organization (Shotokan Karate International Federation – SKIF) is called Kancho. His son is the Kancho-elect and that is who came to visit Southeast Texas for a special seminar. We got to train with Sensei Nobuaki Kanazawa, as well as several of the SKIF board members in our dojo (which is exciting considering that you’d normally have to go to California or Japan to do that!). We had three students who would be taking their dan exams (black belt exams) – and they all passed!

It was really cool to meet him; PeaGreen and I both had our white belts autographed. and we got a couple of pictures with Sensei Kanazawa.

photo by Brandon C. Butler

photo by Brandon C. Butler

photo by Brandon C. Butler

That was the last thing we did this week – we took the weekend pretty easy (and no wonder, right?!) to get ready to do it all again the next week.
Hope your summer is going swimmingly!



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