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This week seems to be a bit more typical of how our summer plans will be. We still have a few more things on the table (like tennis club starting next week), but for the most part, we got a glimpse of what the norm will be for the next few months.

I have to take a moment to shower praise on our local library system. We are fortunate to have 4 big libraries in our city, and even though one is being re-modeled this summer, they still manage to have a very full and amazing summer reading club program. It’s not just about the books – they bring in all kinds of presentations, from local businesses and museums to performing troupes from all over Texas. For free kids entertainment, you just can’t beat it. And with multiple days and times, the schedule works for almost anyone looking to do something fun with the kids during the summer. We’ve barely event gotten started and already have been to a puppet show with marionettes and a magic show.

Speaking of magic shows, the performer we got to enjoy was John O’Bryant, of ‘Magic Dork‘ fame. He’s performed at Sea World parks and all over Texas and was super fun to watch. He’s very personable and connected with the kids right off, with plenty of jokes thrown out there for the adult audience as well. If you get a chance to go see him, please do! We really appreciate his willingness to volunteer his time to promote reading to the kiddos.

And speaking of reading, I mentioned before that I have extra kiddos this summer. Since they’re all similarly aged, and we don’t stop school for the summer, the extras just get folded into our school day. Since they’re all signed up for the SRC anyway, I figured some couch time with a book wouldn’t kill anyone (though you’d have thought differently when I bumped up the normal 30 minutes per day to a whole hour).

In a rare moment of complete silence and cooperation (hard to do with five dissenters in your midst), I managed this one shot of them all deeply engrossed in their books of choice.

And LBB, being the unique snowflake that he is, found the couch entirely too pedestrian and chose the classic ‘Spiderman’ reading pose on the rug. {wink}

After reading time was up, we lunched, then took to the water for some well-deserved physical activity. The kids have spent quite a few hours this summer chillaxing in the pool and this day was no exception.

Of course, not everything we do is full of kids and school – this past weekend, our karate dojo was asked to participate in a kids health fair at a local supermarket, so after class on Saturday, we met our sensei and classmates to put on a bit of a show. It was an experience – I’ve never had an ‘audience’ when training, so this was interesting. Some people passed right by, not sure of what was going on and not interested in finding out; others stopped to watch for a bit. One elderly lady came by and tried to walk through the middle of one of the kumite (sparring) demonstrations and had to gently escorted in a different direction. My husband commented that she’d go home and tell her neighbors that she was just grocery shopping and was suddenly in the middle of a kung-fu fight, LOL.

photo by Brandon C. Butler

After karate, we had to hurry home, eat lunch and get dressed so I could get to the area where our local roller derby league plays. I started training as a non-skating official (NSO) in January and have had so much fun helping our league! My sister is a skater, so this is one of the ways that we spend time together since we’re both so insanely busy. My derby name is Tricksy Stixx, and eventually the SRG website will be updated with all of our skater and staff profiles.

If you’ve never been to a roller derby game, check to see if your city has one! Derby has become increasingly popular in the last few years and it’s so much fun (and family friendly). It’s also a great way to get in shape and meet some awesome women – most of the skaters and staff in derby are women with a hundred different backgrounds. Getting to know this diverse group of people has been nice after spending so long in the ‘mommy ranks’. It’s nice finding myself again now that my kids are older.

In any case, our summer is off to a fantastic start, and I hope you’re enjoying yours as well!




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