Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

Lesson Planning 2012

It’s really hard to believe that we’re about to begin our third year of homeschooling. The past two years have just flown by (despite moments where it felt like time was creeping by at a snail’s pace). It’s been an amazing ride and I am so thankful that we get to continue learning together!

The first year we were homeschooling, I planned each 6 weeks. The second year, I planned the entire year in advance and made three posts for core subjects, extended curriculum and extra-curricular activities. I think part of that was my over-compensation for lack of confidence. Seeing what all we were going to accomplish in advance made me feel a lot better about jumping into homeschooling with both feet.

This year, I don’t really feel the need to plan everything out. We started a new grade in October of last year, and we’re basically continuing those lessons through March/May-ish (depending on which subject). We’re moving away from ‘grade level’ a little more and as we go on, I expect that distance will be even more noticeable – I’d like that; to leave behind the idea of ‘grade level’ behind entirely. Maybe not a practical goal, but one can dream, yes?

We’re pretty much continuing what we started a few months ago – I know what resources we’ll be using for the next few months, and I plan each week’s workboxes sometime between Friday – Sunday. Since I already know what we’re using, I have a fairly good idea of what material is there; most of our subjects are just a matter of covering the next chapter or lesson in the book. I supplement with videos or field trips where we can, sometimes planned, sometime spontaneously – it depends on the lesson and mood.

Our daily schedule is similar to the last few months as well. I try to keep our day ‘seat/up/seat/up’ so the boys are never in their seats too long. Our week is also staggered so that we’re home one day and out the next, then home again. We have longer/more in-depth lessons at home and either reinforce or immerse on days when we’re out (or vice-versa).

I updated our ‘current curriculum‘ page a few days ago; there were more changes than I’d expected, but it’s all up to date now. We’re continuing with workboxes and my new lesson planner (which is on the printables page) has the workbox planning sheet built-in. I’m having it printed this week, and we’re giving the kids STARS planners another shot as well.

We sat down this morning and had a pow-wow; our school year begins next Monday. I banned all griping about school work and chores and since getting back to a normal work load after a break has always been… traumatic, to put it mildly, I told them they they would be doing a few worksheets from their summer workbook this week so ease back into doing full time/regular  school work. They never cease to surprise me; LBB initially started with a complaint then buckled down and got it done whereas PeaGreen started off on a good note but getting him to finish was like pulling teeth.  They did both finish though, and relatively sooner than I’d expected so maybe next week’s ‘back to school’ won’t be so bad.

I can dream, right?
Hope your new year is starting off smoothly!



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