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Back to School (again)

So… how’ve you been?

We started back today with plans to get back into our regular routine. Whereas we normally have 4 weeks of school and one week off, after some heavy-duty home improvement activities during our last break, we’ve been kinda slacking over the four weeks since then. Not that we’ve done no school work, we’ve just been taking it easy.

Lots of things have happened over the last few weeks, to re-cap, I’ll pick up where we left off last…


Towards the end of June, I finally finished up clearing out the back bedroom. We painted and moved our bedroom into that room and split the boys into their own rooms. That was a huge job, let me tell ya. But now that it’s all finished, I am so please with the results!



Our next project will be the living room, I think. I am a new devotee of and have found ever so many wonderful decorating ideas for the fall and winter seasons that I’d love a crisp, neutral wall color in the living room to properly frame my new decorating plans.

We also got to see a presentation by NASA out at one of the libraries for the Summer Reading Program. The woman that did the presentation was really amazing. I’m bummed that I can’t remember her name now, but she took an interest in LBB and let him try on all kinds of cool stuff. The other kids did, too, but she talked to him quite a bit, which he though was just great. PeaGreen decline to take part in this picture, so our lovely friend Tav stood in for him.

They also got to learn about the ‘old days’ with McFaddin Ward House historical society. It’s funny because my mom has a lot of the ‘artifacts’ that they were presenting.

We also had PeaGreen’s 8th birthday party – he got to spend some time with friends that he used to go to school with, which was a lot of fun for him. I forget sometimes how much they miss their school-friends. We went bowling, enjoyed the chocolate fountain at a local restaurant and took the kids to see Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

When we saw the movie was coming out, we re-read the book and did a unit study on it; here are a few conservation posters that we made with the unit study:

That pretty much brings us to today; we started back with plans to keep to our regular schedule. The ISD’s school year starts in 3 weeks – on the 22nd or 23rd and our local group was planning to start back up then, but we’ve had a decided lack of interest from our members, so I’m not sure what that will mean for our group as a whole. That’s really very disappointing, but overall may work out as a positive thing as there are a couple of groups in the Houston area that I’ve been wanting to participate in, but lacked the time. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise?

In any case, I have very much enjoyed the last few weeks and the ‘no pressure’ zone we’ve had going on, but I have to say that it’s nice to fall back into the normal routine, too. Hope your transition ‘back to school’ is smooth sailing in the coming weeks!




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  1. there you are! was just wondering about you. house looks great. look forward to hearing more about your adventures. 🙂

    August 3, 2011 at 10:12 am

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