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Ancient Egypt and Bubble Day at the Library

This year’s theme for our Summer Reading Club is ‘Dig up a Good Book’. The libraries here go to great lengths to put on good shows, and so far, we’ve been impressed with their efforts. Some of the libraries here have attached meeting rooms, and some have community rooms next door. It’s nice when the programs are in larger spaces since these events usually draw a crowd.

This week, the kids got to explore some ancient Egyptian activities with our very favorite Librarienne Extraordinnaire, Ms. Robin. She brought out a bunch of books on Egypt and had the kids sit down with a page of riddles in hieroglyphs and a translation chart. The boys did better than I expected them to; in fact, all the activities that they did that day, they worked diligently on.

This may be a bit of a mama-brag, so bear with me for a minute, but as a homeschooling mom, it’s rare to get what seems like ‘real’ feedback on how your kids are doing. You know how much effort you put into working with them and going over material, but it’s hard, at least for me sometimes, to really know for sure how much they’re ‘getting’ from it. So when they answer questions in groups like this one, it’s really reassuring to me to know that they are paying attention and that wheat we go over does, indeed, sink it. Ms. Robin asked about the Nile river, and the boys were able to answer questions about it. We’ve been covering China for the last couple of weeks, so granted, PeaGreen mixed up the Yellow River and the Nile when he answered (he said rice when she was asking about their crops), but he did get the flooding and dam-building parts right… so color me impressed.

After the riddles, she divided the kids up into teams of three and had two wrap the third member of the team in two rolls of toilet paper to simulate a mummy. That was fun; the boys’ team even added a cardboard tube on LBB’s chin to simulate the beard that is found on a lot of death masks. Of course, busting out of the paper – and the incredible mess that made – was the most enjoyable part of that activity.

The kids all settled righ back down though and started working on plaster carvings. Ms. Robin gave them all small squares of plaster and had them use the hieroglyph chart to draw out their names or whatever design they wanted, then trace them onto their plaster blocks, then carve the designs out with toothpicks. Then they used paint to define the cravings. The kids really enjoyed making their blocks and even asked to take a second block home.

The next day was Bubble Day, sponsored by the Energy Museum of SETX. They had 10 stations set up for the kids to see and try out different properties of bubbles. Some were niftier than others, and we ended up skipping some of them due to the crowd, but the kids had a great time.

After the bubbles, we went over to the library to sign up for a drawing class that they’re putting on all next week, then we checked out a few books on China to complete the lapbook we’re working on for history.

Next week: NASA fun!




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  1. Wow! Looks like lots of fun! We have a Bubble-ology book from GEMS. I was thinking of turning it into a co-op for our local group this fall.

    Brag all you want! It’s true that homeschoolers don’t get the typical feedback so it’s always nice to see that your kids are actually listening and learning!

    July 21, 2011 at 10:04 am

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