Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

It’s Not the Heat…

… it’s the humidity; at least, that’s the saying. That’s what we adopted as our motto when we started homeschooling (only in Latin, like all proper mottoes), but I have to say that based on the temperatures over the past couple of weeks, that may not be true anymore. With temps climbing into the 100+ range, we’ve been looking for anything and everything to stay cool. unfortunately, our pump on the pool is broken, so where we would normally be spending afternoons splish-splashing the day away, that’s not an option for another few weeks yet. Boo.

Thankfully, the library’s Summer Reading Club has started up again, and with the boys and niece Fred (whom you’ll be hearing about fairly often again this summer) all signed up, we’ve gotten off to a good start with building up their lists of book read and participating in the programs that were sponsored last week.

The guys from Terminix came out and did a program on some of our local bugs – he had some pretty interesting ones pinned in a box – I always wanted one of those bug boxes… we’re going to have to see about making one of those over the summer. The kids thought that was super fascinating; they spent most of the time waiting for the program to be over so they could check it out more closely. The presenter was great though; he delayed the class by a few minutes to continue talking with the older kids about some of the bugs. He gets a big gold star from me for being more interested in cultivating the kids’ interest than keeping on a time schedule. The kids left with a coloring book and a bug mask to cut out and color.

Hope your summer is off to a cool start!




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