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Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I’m continually amazed at how holidays tend to sneak up on me. I mean, I am not a spontaneous person; I have my calendar well planned out months (sometimes years) in advance. It is fairly safe to say that things do not sneak up on me. But freaking holidays…. they just show up unannounced and still expect to be awesome.*

In stark contrast to the above statement, this particular holiday did not sneak up on me. Our homeschool group had planned a lovely big party several weeks in advance. We combined one of our twice-a- month park day with a Cinco de Mayo potluck lunch party/theme and our 4H project meeting plenty far enough in advance so that we’d all be super-prepared for the day. With the price of gas being what it is, and our members living as far apart as they do (30+ minutes for most of them), we’ve been trying to combine as many things into one outing as possible. So we planned this big party day with some group lessons (we’re doing a pizza garden for 4H – the kids are planting oregano, basil, tomatoes, onions and garlic) and lo and behold, our hostess’s daughter fell sick last night … so even though the holiday didn’t sneak up on me, having to do something at home, with just us, totally did.

I think we pulled it off though – we celebrated with Paper Bag pinatas and a tasty chicken enchilada casserole for lunch. Last year, we scoured the internet for some educational videos and worksheets, but we’re keeping it simple this year. We’ve been so busy with house stuff over the last couple of weeks that school has been ‘math drills here, science lesson there’ in between painting and de-cluttering (Jess, I TOLD you I would need those paper bags!!). I did have to clear up a few mis-connections though. LBB was insistent that Cinco de Mayo was the Mexican New Year, and PeaGreen made his pinata with green and white scales and dragon wings based on the idea that Mexico has Chinese Dragons. He didn’t say anything about thinking this until afterwards, but his pinata is still pretty awesome.

Hopefully next week, we’ll be a little less distracted and a little more focused, school-wise. The boys are both almost finished with this ‘grade’ (not to say that really means anything) and are excited to get to move on to bigger and better stuff. We’ve been working on multiplication quite a bit lately – they even asked to do a multiplication color sheet for fun after they finished their regular math today, so we must be doing something right.

Other than that, we’ve been taking it pretty easy. The rest of the afternoon will likely be spent outside. We had a cool front come through in the past couple of days, so the weather is absolutely divine right now and we are making the most of it!



* Confession: we have un-dyed Easter eggs in the fridge and the dye kit opened on the kitchen counter. It’s been there for a week because we didn’t get it all out until 3 days after Easter. {sigh} I suck at holidays that happen before October.


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