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Yes, I’m Still Alive

 So… Okay I was going to come up with some lame excuse to justify why I haven’t been blogging lately, but I have none… the truth is, I’ve just not felt like it.

We’ve had no shortage of interesting and blog-worthy goings-on around here lately – perhaps too many – which may be why the thought of blogging each and every one of them was/is overwhelming. I even have drafts started (some with pictures, even) and just zero motivation to finish, edit and post them. There are a couple that I will post (like the chicken mummy updates – I know, you were worried there for a second. Don’t worry – I got’cher back {wink}) but I think I’m just going to re-cap the past month or so in this post. Yeah… I’m going with that.

Let’s see… reaching waaaaaaaayyy back to the end of March, I/we have:

  • gone to a couple of performances at Lutcher Theater (The Ugly Ducking by Bits ‘N Pieces Puppet Theater, which featured songs that were so incredibly un-listen-to-able that I had to be rescued by mainlining the sweet sounds of Marilyn Manson directly into my ear via my trusty ‘this is precisely why it goes everywhere with me’ ipod – the kids thought it was okay though, and despite my numerous attempts to prod them into abandoning the show, they elected to stay for the whole 58 minutes. The boys maintain that it was interesting, but I think I’m making it an executive decision to skip this troupe’s performances in the future. We also saw a performance of Ferdinand the Bull put on by ChildsPlay, which was so amazingly, spectacularly, utterly awesome that it made up for previous butchering of a childhood classic. So far, we have not yet been disappointed by any of ChildsPlay’s performances; if you can see them live, I highly recommend that you do so.)
  • Started our new 4-H club – the kids are doing Horticulture – so fun!! LBB was elected as Vice Prez, and PG is filling in as Secretary until we elect someone new (he’s technically a Clover Kid still). The boys are loving it so far – they’re asking – ASKING – to do the homework!! Can you tell how exciting this is?
  • Had a couple of park days with our homeschool group – we recently made the decision to drop our co-op and just have park days instead. Since we were only doing co-op once a month, it wasn’t beneficial (well, maybe cost-effective would be a better term). Since we do group lessons for many/most of the field trips we take, we figure a purely social outing twice a month might be more to our and their liking. So far, it’s working out well.
  • Went to a Scentsy party – wow… that stuff is yummy. I’m even hosting a party next month. Its been years since I’ve hosted an in-home party, so it should be fun. At the very least, It’ll be a good excuse to mix up some sangria and have my girly friends over for drinks!
  • Celebrated my 34th birthday – we’d planned on doing a mystery dinner theater party, but I bought a table instead. Our anniversary is in August, so I think we’re having the MDT party then. I am super excited about it; of course, I’m super excited about my table too!
  • Is still impressed with the unplugged lifestyle we’d had going on during the day. I love that the kids don’t even ask to watch tv anymore. They had company this weekend, and when it was suggested on Friday, the boys warned that ‘the answer’s gonna be no’ without any kind of snark or whiny-ness – that’s just how it was, and they were ok with that. That’s so cool. ……………. So then we let them spend all day Saturday playing computer/video games.
  • Became instantly addicted to The Borgias and Game of Thrones (not so much Camelot) and celebrated the return of Mythbusters with the whole family in true homeschool-geek style.
  • Transplanted our seedlings into containers – we have 3 growing well with watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, basil, an orange (only one, lol), bell peppers, onions, jalapeños and thyme. We had a couple more seed trays, but for whatever reason they declined to grow, so we would have had lettuce in several varieties and some additional pepper plants – maybe I’ll try again, maybe not. I’m doing well right now to keep the boxes we have growing watered (gold star for me).
  • We skipped a bunch of stuff and rescheduled some other planned events. Gas shot up to $WTF levels, so we’re trying to stick closer to home until they go back down (if??). As a mama on the go most of the time, slowing my roll makes me a cranky betch. We did manage a trip to the Houston Zoo last week though. They have their new African Forest exhibit open now (with rhinos!!). We got to walk through backwards, but the entire exhibit is beautifully done – large enclosures for the animals and plenty of spots to sit and watch them. We’re currently evaluating our local options and planning with a shorter distance for the near future. No more 2+ hour drives for a while.
  • Made it through the 1st 4 weeks of the 2nd grading period! Yay!

Today, we’re back to normal school routine, and we started off easy – art journaling intermittently all day, with bouts of outside, math drills, Latin, reading and snacks to break up the monotony of creative expression. I’m almost finished with my first journal (and well into my second).  I may be posting a flip-through if I can figure out how to embed a video (presuming that at some point, I make a video).

It occurs to me that I haven’t been posting curriculum updates and I thought I’d address that. Last year, we were constantly changing things up, but this year, we’ve made virtually no changes. We’re still using what we started out with and are still very happy with that. I like having/using the workbooks as a way to make sure we’re covering ‘at least’ XYZ grade-level stuff, and that frees me up SO MUCH to do all kinds of other fun and interesting activities and lessons. I’m really very happy with our curriculum this year.

So… that’s where we’ve been. I haven’t even been visiting blogs or forums much lately, so I’m feeling more into that. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to swing by and say hi sometime this week!




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