Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

The Countdown Continues

We’re counting down to our new school year! Only 2 days of our break left. I’ve run all of the reports from this past year and printed everything and filed it away… and am getting started with this year’s record keeping in the computer.

I have to say that it’s been extremely satisfying to archive older books and materials. It makes me feel really accomplished to stamp ‘completed’ on something and file it away. I’ve been sorting through books and things to pass along, and planning out the final selections for our school supplies for this year – I’m almost ready to go shopping!

We’ll have quite a few changes for this year – some that I think will have a positive impact; one is that I may be picking up my niece from school starting in January. That will be at 3PM, which will give us a good ending target time for our days. Not that we have to have one, but I think that having one might help get me more motivated to start earlier in the day with lessons. I confess that we’ve gotten quite lazy over the last month. Between cold weather and a lack of real ‘schedule’ for our holiday, we’ve taken full advantage of that and even the boys are sleeping later in the day. Even on school days, it’s hard to get motivated because our school room is unheated and poorly insulated – something we plan to change in the spring – but for now, it’s quite cold some mornings. Having a ‘leave the house’ target time will help me get motivated earlier because there’s a sort of time limit. Obviously, we’ll no more be slaves to that time frame as we are with anything else, but goals are good!

We’ll also be doing a more ‘normal’ school week – Monday through Friday. One day per week is usually a field trip day; that’s the same as last year. The change is that we’ll actually have scheduled lessons on Friday for this year instead of a longer weekend. I’m sure we’ll take some days off, but overall, I think the extra day will let us keep a more leisurely pace during the week and still have ample time to complete everything.

I’ve been writing out the actual detailed lesson plans; I am done with the first four weeks. Now that all of the curriculum is finalized, I’ll be able to write everything else out pretty easily. Our schedule calls for a break after the first 4 weeks, so I am sure I’ll evaluate and make some adjustments at that point. I’m really trying to stick with what I have planned for now – to make sure that I give it a real shot.

I can’t wait for next week!



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