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A Break… Sorta

I don’t think that I have ever been more ready for a break than I am this week. We have been goinggoinggoing for weeks now and I am quite thoroughly exhausted. Even though I say ‘break’, I don’t really mean it. We have plans for 3 out of 5 days this week. Next week looks pretty slow though. I’m taking my boys camping with a couple of friends and we’re all chillaxing a bit before the 3 day camp-out commences.

My other two priorities over the next couple of weeks are to continue to get rid of the massive amounts of useless crap that we’ve accumulated, and to make some time for my non-homeschooling mommy friends. Between their schedules and mine, we’ve hardly seen each other, so this week, that’s at the top of my list. And costumes… gotta work on costumes! Truthfully though, with the bag full of books I just liberated from our local library while the boys were in Book Club, I see a lot of sitting on my butt reading happening instead.

Yesterday, we went to the Lutcher Theater to see a theatrical performance of Giggle, Giggle, Quack. When my niece, Fred, was born, my sister decorated her nursery with a hand-sewn Click, Clack, Moo, Cows that Type‘ theme. It was terribly cute and led us both on a journey of adoration with these trouble-making farm animals. Since my boys have gotten older, we’ve lost touch with some of the storybooks from their younger days, so this was a fun jaunt down memory lane. It was a musical, and one of the numbers was about a ‘golden pencil’ that duck found… very amusing.

Today was our homeschool book club at the library; the kids are discussing Too Much Noise by Ann McGovern.

LBB hates it; I think in large part because there is a lot of sitting still and thinking – though Ms. Robin is wonderfully creative. She had the kids play a game where they each wore a tag on the back of their shirt with an animal name on it, and the children had to ask questions to their neighbors to discern the animal that they were. PeaGreen was a gorilla – he never did guess his animal (he did say both ‘monkey’ and ‘ape’ though), and LBB was a kangaroo. He cheated though; he decided not to play anymore and took his tag off, and saw what it was, then decided to play again. Of course, this was a no-go and he apologized for cheating and would have slunk off to the other side of the room had we not had a mini-discussion about it. After that was resolved, I went back upstairs to search out a few books (and graphic novels – our library has graphic novels – I snagged a couple of Hellboys and several of the Anita Blakes that I am missing from my personal collection. If you’re in the market for comics, graphic novels or anything related, then I highly recommend doing business with Things From Another World. They’re my one and only {wink}) while they finished up with the actual discussion portion of the book club.

The boys are also writing an investigative report for our homeschool group’s newsletter, and they chose our children’s librarian, Ms. Robin, as their subject. Next time we do one of these, we’ll have to go over the questions we want to ask beforehand a little better. We talked about what we wanted to ask about a week ago, and should have covered them again before we sat down with her. The boys asked more than a couple of silly questions. I won’t say more – if you want to know more about Ms. Robin then you’ll have to wait for the newsletter!

On our way home, we passed the fighter jet war memorial at Babe Zaharias park and the boys wanted to stop and have a look, so we did. It’s so nice not to have much of an agenda this week – that we have the time to stop and smell the roses (or sight-see, as the case may be) is so very nice!

I’d also like to send out a big THANK YOU to Angela from The Pagan Mom Blog for bestowing upon me the Lovely Blog Award. I’ve gotten this one before, and it’s so nice to be thought of. Her blog is perfectly lovely as well, so please go give her a read. Here’s my list.

I’ll check in again later this week… tomorrow is our first co-op experience! Our group offers a once-per-month co-op focusing on one topic or theme, covering 2 or 3 subjects. I’m so looking forward to it! Are any of you in a co-op? How does it work? How do you like it?




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