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Biking with the Kids

Every time the weather gets cool and crisp, I think of the White Stripes song, “We are gonna be Friends“; I don’t know why – we’re not in school, lol. Anyway – we’ve been out as much as possible – biking and/or hiking every day, soaking up the cool weather. It is so lovely outside; I just can’t say enough about it. The kids have even dragged out long-sleeved clothing. I’m thinking that might be a bit premature but who am I to criticize?

We got the house all decorated – it’s officially fall-like now. We still have a couple of crafts to put together to really make it feel festive, but there is definitely a fall-theme around here. This is just my favorite time of year – so much crafting to be done and baking – I generally don’t like to cook, but I like ‘craft cooking’ – cookies, candy, baking… that’s really fun. especially since my darling (and much neglected of late) friend Linda showed me how easy candy-making can be. Just take something (anything, really – well, anything edible), melt some chocolate in the microwave, dip and voila! Real, handmade candy. So easy, even the kids can do it. It’s messy, especially when you add food coloring or flavorings, but so much fun and so very tasty.

We’ve also been working on costumes; Peagreen has thus far always chosen some character that is hard (read: impossible) to find commercially, so we’re usually making his costumes from scratch. Last fall, he was Luigi, which was thankfully easily located. This year, it’s a Mario theme again, but a new? character he calls ‘yellow flying Toad’. Here’s a picture:

I converted his bike helmet into an approximation – all we need now is the propeller on top. He’s pretty jazzed about it as-is though. Truthfully, I’m mighty pleased with it myself. The helmet was silver; I Mod-Podged white paper over the black stripes and over the holes, then with yellow tissue paper. I painted the decals on the sides (mostly free-hand – impressed much?) then Mod-Podged agin to seal it all. I added his name to the front and the date on the back. It’s a one-of-a-kind, for sure! I picked up a yellow Old Navy track-suit jacket from Goodwill a few days ago, and a yellow tee-shirt; all we need now is yellow sweatpants (or I’ll make some) and red socks (to cover his shoes) and he’s good to go.

Aww – I love photo angles like this one that make his face still look so round and baby-ish. My baby’s no baby anymore. Boo {tear}

I’m working on a Queen of Hearts get-up. Not the new Tim Burton Queen, more a cross between the Disney Alice and Wonderland and her:

Either way, I think I’m getting this wig:

LittleBoyBlue is planning on being a Transformer (but that’s not set in stone). He’s mentioned Bumblebee; how odd if both my boys end up yellow this year, lol. No clue what Loverly Husbands’ plans are… he did promise to costume for the party though, so we’ll see.

This post is brought to you by the letters, H, S and A; and by the number 4. We’re off to the Houston Zoo in a bit with our fabulous homeschool group, so look for a re-cap of that tomorrow sometime.

Ciao, baby!



One response

  1. Alexie

    OMG, was getting on here to tell you that we have bikes and want to go riding sometime…so there’s that. BUT I am so inspired now to make my own costume. I am obsessed with costumes and literally pour over catalogs all year long. I still hadn’t found anything I wanted, at least not in my size 😉 So, I’m thinking Little Red and Big Baddie for me and The Hub. Also, where oh where did you find that wig? I have several bookmarked on ebay and SO can’t choose (b/c wigs are so so much fun).

    October 6, 2010 at 8:18 am

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