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Sunday Surf for Oct 2

Since ”Tis the season” for holiday and fall fun, that’s the direction many of today’s links are headed. We’ve been getting costumes planned and executed, crafting and getting ready to decorate this past week, with more of the same to come this week, so I think I have some pretty cool stuff to share!

I found a NY Times article, Expanding the Creative Horizons of Your Printer that gives you a ton of cool ideas and links for stuff that you can make with your lowly printer. We homeschooling moms already know quite a few tricks that the printer can do – this will help you really put that machine through its paces and show it off. (You may have to register to view, but it’s free only about a 2 on the ‘1-3 Annoyance’ scale)

I also found the coolest Jello Shot site ever, My Jello Americans, which has some spooky ‘The Jason Voorhees‘ shots. In addition to those creepy blobs, there are some really pretty ones, made with edible glitter and sparkly stuff. Some of my favorites were the Surrender Dorothy and Castle on a Cloud. I’ve actually never had a Jello Shot, so I’m really interested in making some of these.

In another act of shameless self-promotion, I’m again linking to my SparkPage – not because I particularly want everyone and sundry oogling my weight issues, but to hold myself accountable for following through with what I started. I’m on day 7 – one week in. Gold star for me! If you’re a mama with weight issues and care to share and walk with me on this journey, I’d love for you to contact me there. I used a few years ago very successfully and know that they can help you, too. In a related point, I am planning on running in the Gusher 5K in February, and so am starting the Couch to 5K plan. I found a neat ‘trick yourself’ tip on the glasses you drink from.

Back to Halloween crafting, I am making these little coffin treat boxes for our homeschool group’s party. Super easy and really cute, I think they’ll be a big hit. I also really like these black cats and paper mice for picture frames, steps, baseboards and windows. We might make these awesome paper lanterns, too. I’ve wanted a Halloween Tree for a couple of years now – we may have to make that happen this year. Here’s a really pretty one, with instructions. We’ve talked about doing window-sized decor for a while; I like these, but we may do a different print on them, and make them from orange fabric instead of white. And last but not least, I think these little pumpkin treat pouches are adorable.

To wrap up Banned Books Week, here’s i09’s list of sci-fi books that have been banned for your perusing pleasure. There are other lists on the ALA’s website, but since I’m a sci-fi geek, I prefer that one. {grin} Anyone care to share the ‘banned books’ that grace your personal library’s shelves?

If you’re a fan of taking pictures but not a student of photography, then you’ll LOVE Google’s Picasa 3 photo-editing program. It’s free, automatically imports your picture files and is usable within minutes of downloading, and best of all, you can use it for PC or Mac. The newest version is also linked to another favorite photo-editor, picnik, which has different options and effects and will also allow you to re-size a picture. Another tech-savvy point I’d like to bring up is that IE sucks. If you’re still using it then it’s taking too long to load your pages. I’d recommend anything else, though I am partial to Google Chrome.

I’m not typically big on ‘self help’ type stuff, but I thought that Simon Sinek’s “It’s Not ABout What You Do, but Why You Do It” was pretty neat. There’s a 20 minute video that’s worth watching if you have a good idea but are faltering on the execution.

That’s all for today, I think. I hope you find something worth checking out! If you’re not participating, then as always, please take this as your invitation to share what cool stuff you’ve found on the web this week with your own version of the Sunday Surf. For more Sunday Surfing, visit Enjoy BirthBreastfeeding Moms Unite,Domesticated WomenMaman A DroitHobo Mama andBaby Dust Diaries.




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  1. Oooh – thanks for the cool links! I’m especially excited about the Google picture editor. I need all the help I can get. 😉
    And good luck with SparkPeople – that’s a really neat site.

    October 3, 2010 at 2:08 pm

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