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Play Attention!

There is something about the beginning of a new month that makes me very happy and optimistic. I have to enjoy this kind of mood when it strikes because it never lasts long and is quite outside my usual nature.

But today, the first of September (isn’t that a Dr. Seuss book – nah, that’s Octember. Anyway…) has been a lovely day in so many ways!

One of the doors on my minivan has had a broken hinge and it’s been a complete PITA to try to get it fixed. Now, almost 2 weeks after the original ‘take it in to the shop for a look-see’, I have my van with both doors in complete working order. When they were checking it out, they caught one of the side panels on a lift and tore it off, so they’re replacing it – it’s actually in and they’re matching the paint, so that’s nearly done as well. Yay!

We spent most of the morning in their very nice waiting room doing school work. They had a table so we could spread out a bit and a train table that the boys were motivated to play with enough to finish both math and handwriting fairly quickly. While they were playing, we did our grammar/LA lesson (nouns, proper, singular & plural review). I asked the same question a couple of times and tried to tell them to pay attention, but I mis-spoke and say ‘play attention’. They thought that was super funny. After some discussion, we decided that it was rather appropriate since they were playing while we did the lesson orally, and so that became the phrase of the day.

We hit the library to stock up on books for the next week’s lessons, and to see if they had anything on the coastal marshes ecosystems, and they did so we snagged those since we have a field trip with our homeschool group tomorrow to the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. We’re doing the Houston Wilderness Passport program, and trying to visit all of the eco-regions in Southeast Texas, and we’ll get our ‘coastal marshes‘ sticker tomorrow. The boys have their Big Thicket and Other Places stickers (two each of those, actually).  Yay!

After the library, we went next door to the park, which was delightfully deserted (have I mentioned how much I enjoy school being ‘in session’ – the parks and libraries are EMPTY – it’s SO nice!!), and the boys got to run around for a bit. They found some little mushrooms growing in the mulch, which led to a discussion and some YouTube surfing for time-lapse mushroom growing. I didn’t think about there being ‘magic mushrooms’ on there, but there were. We skipped over those lest Mommy have some ‘splaining to do… (Mommy, what’s a ‘head shop?’)…

I have to say that I’m super proud of my kiddos. Their first inclination when they found the mushrooms was to take pictures of them and go home and look them up. I’m so glad to see this excitement for learning in them.

After the mushroom madness sidetrack, we read over some of the books we found on marshes and found some of the native plants that we may see tomorrow. Of course, the most interesting by far were the carnivorous plants (venus fly trap and pitcher plant), so we YouTube’d some more and learned all about how they trap food.

And, the icing on my cake – September means that I get to have a new folder for pictures. Yay! I keep my picture files organized by year, then by month and special event. It always makes me happy to have a new folder to fill with pictures.




6 responses

  1. I love that it is a new month, too, and this year, I am actually extra glad it is September because of all the fun stuff I can do with the kids now that we aren’t bound to the public school schedule.
    That’s too funny about the mushroom videos on YouTube. I do love YouTube, it’s a great homeschooling resource, I am learning, but you have to be careful.
    “Play attention”, that’s awesome. You should totally keep using that. 🙂

    September 2, 2010 at 5:46 am

    • I know!! Me, too 🙂
      Our local homeschooling group is having a planning meeting tomorrow, and there is SO much stuff on the calendar – I can’t wait to get started. If we were in school, we’d miss out on so many cool things!

      Thanks – I thought ‘play attention’ was a pretty cool slip of the tongue, too 🙂 I can definitely see that being used more often.

      September 2, 2010 at 7:38 am

  2. We went to library yesterday and got three books on marshes/wetlands. We enjoyed reading those yesterday! I’m looking forward to today!

    September 2, 2010 at 6:40 am

  3. Girl, what time did you get up?! I’m up at 7:30 and thought that was early! 🙂
    Me, too – we’re hitting Academy early for water boots. Wish I’d thought of that earlier, but I think they’re going to be essential wear for today’s excursion!
    See you soon!

    September 2, 2010 at 7:39 am

  4. Amy

    Have you done the Sundew Trail up in Big Thicket? Easy boardwalk with TONS of pitcher plants. Most spectacular in spring, of course. (April-ish?)

    Have a great time at Anahuac. Pre Ike they had a wonderful wildflower garden to attract birds and butterflies. I hope they’re working on building it back up.

    September 2, 2010 at 7:55 am

  5. Love a new month too! But I’m also one who loves Mondays. I love the newness and the fresh start. And the end of August was horrible, so I’m very glad to start fresh this time.

    And that’s very cool that they wanted to learn about the mushrooms. I love when that happens. 🙂

    September 2, 2010 at 8:14 am

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