Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.


We did this today… with eight children and three mommies. Unfortunately, none of us took pictures (our hands were all covered in flour paste), but we’re not done with them yet, so there’s still a photo op left on this project. I found CharmingPixieFlora a while back and though she is seriously cheerful – enough that I feel like I should wear ‘extra dark’ black all day after watching one –  I do enjoy her perspectives and her videos are very informative. We’ve gotten some really great ideas (like the blessing stones) from them.

We have a field trip coming up Thursday during which we’ll be exploring the Coastal Marshes ecosystem. After that I think the plan is to go back to SFK’s house to finish up the maracas (and take pictures!!). Sorry this is so short, but between information-gathering for our homeschool group’s planning meeting on Friday, dealing with my van’s ‘issues’ and school this week, I am tapped out! Hopefully next week will be slower and more interesting to blog about. Thanks for reading, anyway {wink}




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