Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

Sunday Surf for Aug. 22

This week’s Sunday Surf has a lot more homeschooling content than last weeks (even though I promised more last week, lol). As always, you can click the image and be taken to AuthenicParenting’s website, where the Sunday Surf originated. If you’ve come across good reading on the web this week, then we invite you to participate on your own blog. Snag the image and link back to AuthenticParenting’s site with your list!

Happy reading!

  • The Attachment Parenting Blog, written by an AP dad with 3 kiddos shares his thoughts on a reader’s question, ‘Should you allow your older child to crawl into your bed at night? There are several other great posts as well. His blog is worth checking out as a whole. It’s neat to see such a blog from a dad’s perspective – rare, but good.
  • Secular Homeschooling Magazine has an article that is long, but I found it to be very interesting regarding ‘Christian’ authors Michael and Debi Pearl and their book, To Train Up A Child, in which they advocate homeschooling. The article, To Train Up A Child: The Greater Problem, addresses the issues that arise when the rest of the world, despite many mainstream Christian organizations denouncing the Pearl’s teachings, associate their parenting methods with homeschooling.
  • I really enjoyed this article on Family Based Living by Heather Madrone. In a world where many people seem to think of kids as an inconvenience that must be managed, it’s nice to read about how one family took a different approach. Her site, Heather’s Homeschooling Page, has quite a few articles in home and unschooling and the lifestyle associated with homeschooling families.
  • Another article from, Schooling: Liberation or Mind Control? by Richard Heinberg explores some very thought-provoking ideas on the purpose and consequences on institutionalized schooling, as well as providing a host of book recommendations that I am adding to my list.
  • The Denim Jumper is a secular homeschooling forum with… attitude. I haven’t explored it fully, but I will be. You may depend upon it {wink}
  • Men Wear Bras so Women can go Topless – apparently a big deal, the GoTopless organization is planning rallies to promote shirt-optional equality for women. I thought this was funny… not sure exactly where I stand on the issue, especially with the apparently religious backbone, but hey, it’s an interesting way to celebrate Women’s Equality Day (coming up next Sunday), which is the anniversary of women being granted the right to vote.

So that’s my picks! What have you been reading?




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