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Summer Reading Club

Our library’s theme for the Summer Reading Club was ‘Catch the Reading Express. I’ve written all summer about the activities that the library and several local organizations and performers have organized, and now it’s all over. This is the first year that we’ve really participated, and it was so much fun! It seems like in previous years, we’ve always been so busy with learning and extra-curricular activities through the school that summer was a welcome break for all of us. I was just as worn out from the constant go-go-go of the school year that I really needed some time to recoup. Not that we haven’t been busy with extra stuff since we’ve been homeschooling – but it’s different, somehow.

Anyhoo, I am so proud of my little Troika!! They all read more than the required 20 books and logged an impressive amount of time with their nose stuck in a book. We turned in their forms last week and they all got to put their name on little trains and a certificate of participation. We would have turned in the reading minutes log for the Mayor’s Award, but we didn’t keep very good track of that part of it. The truth is that they spend a minimum of 20 minutes reading every day, but it’s more than that most days (I’m happy to say). After the first few days, it was hard to keep track of the minutes that they were reading, so we just did the book log.

The kids also got tickets for a free Frosty from Wendy’s and a free breakfast from The Waffle House, plus their tickets to the big party downtown.

Since they were among the first 400 kids in the door, they all 3 got a free Reading Express tee-shirt. They all thought that was cool enough to wear it over their clothes.

When we went into the auditorium, and I was really surprised at how much stuff they had in there! The fire department and police department both had vehicles set up and open for the kids – everyone seemed to really enjoy climbing through the trucks and car and messing with all the cool stuff. It makes me wonder if the firemen and policemen clear out the vehicles prior to coming out, or if they end up re-setting things at the end of the day. The police car had the computer up and open – surely it wasn’t active?!

One of the things that they kept coming back to was the bounce house. There were three of them, and the kids were supposed to group by age. They jumped at least twice, and of course, they all insisted on having multiple pictures taken of every aspect of this thing, so I have about 20 pictures of blurry bouncing children, some of whom aren’t even my kids.

There was face painting and balloon twisting and mask-making and a magician and an exotic bird show… there was so much to do that we missed out on some of the cooler aspects even though we got there early and as you can see here, one of the last to leave.

One of the most interesting showmen was a local craftsman who made bird and flower carvings (whittlings?) and put them on sticks for the kids. The poor man had been carving for 2 hours straight by the time we made it over to his table and he was running short on supplies, so we just watched him make the last few. He cut the flowers first, then used the stub to make a bird. SO neat!

We were asked to fill out a survey when we got there, and I gave them all high marks. The program was wonderful – great for the community, but especially interesting for us homeschoolers. This is one of the few activities that is not faith-based and it was so nice to be able to go and enjoy without having to run interference or have a big discussion afterwards to address those kinds of issues. I really hope that they have a similar program planned for next summer, and we’ll definitely participate.

Congratulations to LittleBoyBlue, Fred & PeaGreen!!




2 responses

  1. Well done. We need to get ourselves organised and start participating in those things over our summer breaks. 🙂

    August 10, 2010 at 12:13 am

  2. Sounds like a great program! We took full advantage of our library summer reading and really enjoyed it. They have so many free activities and the kids really enjoy them.

    Cracking up at the difference between your library system and mine – “Since they were among the first 400 kids in the door, they all 3 got a free Reading Express tee-shirt.” FOUR HUNDRED?!?!?! I live in such a rural area, the summer finale consisted of about 30 kids. LOL! And no free t-shirts! What’s up with that?!

    August 10, 2010 at 6:54 am

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