Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

Halfway There

You ever have one of those days where you feel like on the one hand, you began so long ago and you’re just now reaching the halfway point; and on the other hand, it’s going by so fast that you’re amazed that you’re already halfway through? Well, that’s how I feel about this mod.

For one thing, we’re doing a short mod; only 5 weeks instead of 6, and tomorrow begins what would be week 4. It doesn’t seem like we’ve done much by way of actual school work, but when I look in our records, we really have. We’ve had several long days, and several short ones, plus 2 out-of-town trips – and still managed to complete all of the lessons I marked off up till now. I’m kinda impressed that we’ve stayed mostly on track. We have slowed down a bit – taking a couple of weeks for LittleBoyBlue’s much longer spelling lists and multiplication is harder for PeaGreen – I love having the flexibility to really go at their pace rather than rushing through just to get done with a book.

I suppose that some will read this and scratch their head considering that most schools will start a new school year in a few weeks, but since we school all year long (we just take more breaks at regularly scheduled intervals than other schools), we’re only halfway through our school year. Since my boys do associate with some of the kids that they were in school with, I did go ahead and close out their previous grade and move them into the next one (not that it matters to me) so they don’t ‘feel’ different from their peers. That did cause some confusion for LittleBoyBlue the other day when he was complaining to Dad that Mom just switched him to 3rd grade without a party or anything… because we were so going to have a party??  o_O

They have expressed vehement opposition to going back to school, but only if I bring up going back. Apparently I missed the memo that said it was fine for them to say they wanted to go back, but definitely not okay for Mom to suggest it. I’m not sure if I find that amusing or annoying.

I like how the farther and deeper into homeschooling we get, the more it’s becoming ‘how we live’ instead of ‘something that we do’. It’s exhausting at times, always being ‘on’ to find the educational value of an activity, but I think it’s worth it. Though the boys do resist sitting still to do a lesson at times, they’re all about sitting still to watch a video about spiders or bees or whatever it is that they want to learn more about.

This week includes 3 playdates of sorts – one with a homeschooling friend I’ve recently re-connected with and her kiddos, another with a local mom’s group and our homeschool group’s park day is Friday. We’ll hit the library at some point, and I am newly resolved (again) to start the Couch to 5K program and/or 30 Day Shred DVD. Or at least do something exercise-ish every day. We’ll see how that goes.




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