Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

Friday, Rainy Friday…

So our plans with friends to spend the afternoon in the pool got rained out… again. It stormed so hard that our lights went out for a while, so we decided to get dressed and go to the book store for a bit. Right about the time we were ready to leave, it started really pouring, and the lights came back on so we stayed home.

Changing plans that many time in such a short amount of time did not make for happy campers; in fact, PeaGreen has been downright grouchy for most of the day. As much as I sympathize, I do not control the weather and sometimes we simply must be flexible – whether we like it or not.

I did take advantage of a brief pause in the rain to weed the garden a bit – well, I say “garden” – it’s TINY, but growing! We have actual tomatoes now,  which is awesome, especially if you remember what we started with in March.

Fortunately for the kids, it’s Super Science Concoctions to the rescue! If you haven’t checked this book out, you totally should. It’s SUPER cheap on Amazon – only one penny (plus shipping). Definitely adding this to our ever-growing library.

We spent half an hour making marshmalloids – tasty foam colloids, also known as marshmallows* – from gelatin, vanilla and sugar.

Just add 2 packets of unflavored gelatin to 1c. of boiling water, dissolve; then add 1c. sugar and 2tsp. vanilla and mix for about 20 minutes. Then cover and we refrigerated since it’s summertime and rather warm. After a half hour or so, they’re ready! We made some hot chocolate and topped them with homemade marshmallows.

*Do keep in mind that this is a kiddie experiment and not gourmet marshmallows. If you’re looking for that, try this recipe!

Now that it has stopped raining, I think we are going to go on out to the pool!




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