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Scientific Tuesdays & Wednesday Crafting

How fortuitous that I should stumble across Scientific Tuesdays on YouTube since Tuesday is our science day!  There are quite a few nifty little projects that are super easy – and can be done with stuff you probably have on hand at home, which makes it all the more accessible.

The Milk Trick:

Tuesday was a really nice day. We went to pick up my niece, Fred, this morning and headed off to the theater for a Summer Movie Club that some of our local theaters do every summer. Even though we’ve seen it several times, you can’t beat $1 per ticket to see Kung-Fu Panda! After that, we went to the downtown brand of our library system to turn in reading club stuff and collect a couple more books. Then headed out to Riverfront Park. It’s one of the prettiest parks in our area, I think. It borders the Neches River and it very peaceful.

We had a minor debate over whether or not this was a caboose or an engine… the kids voted caboose since it’s red (“All cabooses are red, Mom”, I was informed by my 6-year-old) but I say it’s an engine since… well, it’s got a big honkin’ ENGINE. {wink} What do you think?

We went walking down the boardwalk (in the sunshine, mind you) to the play area. we weren’t there for ten minutes when it started to sprinkle a bit. Before we could get packed up again, it started to rain. We were so far away from our car that hurrying would be pointless, so we decided to enjoy being caught in it and posed for a couple of pictures.

We made the long trek back through the park and up the stairs, at which point it stopped raining, leaving the air humid and damp and just sapping the energy out of all of us. We made it back to the car and had a drink and went over to the art museum to pass the time until our 2PM class. This collage has long been one of my favorite pieces at the museum, and the kids got to see it again at the Art to Go class we did last week. The presenter had a slide show with different types of art, and this was one of the examples. So the kids really enjoyed getting to see a piece they were familiar with in another context and have the chance to examine it more fully. They found tons of little things – skeletons, pencils, rulers, gum wrappers, beads, plastic animals; it’s really an amazing piece.

Then finally, it was time to head out to the Civic Center for “Skins and Skulls” with Ranger Keith! I have to say that I was SO impressed by Ranger Keith. It’s rare that people who do stuff like this seem to truly enjoy children. He went out of his way to learn all the kids names – probably 30 kids all together – and call them by name during the course of the hour-long presentation. He gets a big Gold Star for that and probably a letter thanking him for coming.

After all this running around, I was TIRED so we came home, had some lovely tomatoes (fresh from the farmer’s market!) and mozzarella for a snack and then I went to read (Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon. It was good {thumbs up}) for a bit and ended up taking a much-needed nap.

Wednesday was just as busy. I got up early to go have coffee with my BFF and my sister came to drop Fred off, so we all got to sit around and visit for a bit. After that, we headed out to SFK’s house for Summer Solstice crafting. We made Sun Crowns from jasmine vines and decorated them with silk flowers, glitter, ribbon and gold wire. They turned out spectacular.

After that, the Summer Reading Club strikes again with a visit from Houston Zoo’s mobile unit. The kids got to check out all kinds of animal skulls, skins, feathers and even pet a couple of live ones – a lizard, a gecko and a ferret. They were stoked about it since they had just seen similar stuff the day before – this was more exotic though. Elephant skin, a toucan’s beak, and owl’s skull, a python’s HUGE skin… my kids asked a question for every single thing Ms. Elizabeth brought out. She was extremely patient!

After that, we headed back home – well, we’d planned to. We made an impromptu visit to Tyrell Park to try to find the Secret Garden that is rumoured to exist. We didn’t find that, but we did get to feed some goldfish, turtles and koi, and I got to snap a couple of good pix of the troika (as they’re frequently called when all together) that I love so much.

After walking around the park for an hour, we decided that a before-dinner dip in the pool was in order, so we grabbed a quick snack and changed into swim wear and hit the pool.

At this moment, all three are sound asleep – Fred elected to spend the night with us; and I’m anticipating a very quiet evening since Loverly Husband has likewise fallen asleep on the couch while I am blogging. {smile}

Next week’s (or maybe Thursday’s) science experiment: Elephant Toothpaste Trick This looks like so much fun! I also have been browsing mommy-blogs over the last few days and found some interesting stuff that you might like, too, so I thought I’d share.

Let the Children Play

A Magical Childhood – I LOVELOVELOVE her “Ten Ways to Make Today Magical’ posts – love them! My favorite (so far)? “Go to another town and on the way make up totally different identities for yourselves.  All day, call yourselves by your fake names and play along with your alternate life.  Encourage the kids to really get creative for eavesdroppers.”

I also like her love-note pillows, land art and the idea to write and mail letters to each other.

Art Projects for Kids and  The Art Cart

Starbucks Pumpkin Scones

And Sneaky Hate Spiral is one of my favorites… you’ll be able to relate, I’m sure! Happy Reading!




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