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Get Outdoors!

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Apparently, today is National Get Outdoors Day. I only found out about it by accident, when I stumbled across A Magical Childhood’s blog, linked to from Peaceful Parenting,which I was reading for another post that will go up in the next few days on eco-consciousness – so look for that!

Anyhoo… we had a full day outdoors planned already, so I’m glad that we got to participate in the national event, even if it was only consciously for the afternoon. As I’ve mentioned before, our Farmer’s Market is on Saturdays, and we’re trying to go every other week (which is when we grocery shop). This was the second time we’ve gotten to go, and the first time we’ve actually bought something. I found some absolutely gorgeous tomatoes, huge blackberries (big as my thumb!), lovely little blueberries, honey from local bees, bell peppers and onions. The kids were hot and hungry and whiney, as evidenced by their expressions:

so we were only there for about 45 minutes – I woke the kids up, dressed them and we were out the door sans breakfast, so we went through McDonalds (I know, I know – but it’s a rare indulgence) for McGriddles for the boys and to Chick Fil A for chickin-minis and coffee (that lovely, delicious, life-sustaining elixir of life – COFFEE!!) for me.

The market was just teeming with activity this morning. It was nice to be out and about so early. I’m typically not a morning person, but lately, I’ve come to respect (if not full-on ‘enjoy’) the early morning. I’ve been getting up when my husband leaves for work, so I’ve had some time – usually no more than half an hour or so – before the kids get up and it’s really nice to have the time to myself.

We had to wait a while between breakfast and the kids’ workshop at Lowe’s, so while the kids played, I revised our calendar for the next couple of months. Our Library’s Summer Reading Program has a ton of events and I didn’t realize that it would be the same presentation at multiple locations, so we double-booked on a couple. Then we headed over to the post office to mail off our first 5 PostCrossing postcards – to Greece, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Brazil. It’s a really neat site – you register and send out postcards to people all over the world, and then your name goes into the post and you get postcards from all over. You have the opportunity to contact each other after the postcard is received, so I would imagine that you could pick up an international pen-pal if you were so inclined. One of our postcard recipients has a daughter that is 8, so we’re going to send her a postcard as well. The optimist-homeschool-mom in me totally sees that playing out in a pen-pal sort of way, lol. Whether the boys will be interested in writing to her or not is probably a different matter! In any case, whatever postcards we get are going to be going up on a wall in our school room, and we’ll add a push-pin to a wall map to track the ones we send out in one color and the ones we get back in another color. I’m excited about it!

Once we got to Lowe’s, some friends of ours, LittleBoyBlue’s best friend from school and his mom and some of our homeschooling friends, came and met us to do the craft. The kids made a picture frame. This was by far the most complicated build we’ve had so far. Granted, this is only our third class, but still. They did a great job building them though, and had fun visiting with their friends. It’s been hard coordinating busy schedules to get the kids together lately; I’m really glad we had a chance to do that today.

After working with man-tools, we went over to Michael’s craft store for a more artsy Father’s Day themed craft – a hand-painted camouflage picture frame. I doubt that our dad will actually get the frame – he’s not really a picture frame kinda guy; but he will appreciate the craftsmanship and artistic allure of their work, I am sure. Michael’s also had a ceramic mug with markers that is actually the craft for tomorrow – we might just go back since they’ll be on sale for $1.50 – plus you get to keep the markers, which are permanent on anything ceramic. I can just see all kinds of uses for ceramic markers. It’s amazing how blank and plain all our white dishes are now in my mind {wink}.

Factor in a trip to the grocery store to re-stock the pantry for the next 2 weeks, and then we headed back home for a lunch of fresh fruit and veggies, sandwiches and I think the kids had ramen noodles. Not my favorite, but they do enjoy cooking “worms”, as they call them. It’s one of the few things that they can cook mostly by themselves. Now that I think about it, they probably could cook more. Maybe we’ll work on that in home-ec this coming week.

After catching up on this week’s  Merlin, we changed clothes and headed out to the pool (after checking on our tomatoes, which are GROWING!!), where we spent the rest of the afternoon. My mom and my grandmother came out to swim with us, so we had a nice little visit with them – one of the perks of living next door to two sets of relatives, I think.

All in all, I’d say that today was well-spent. I hope your family was able to Get outdoors and enjoy some family-togetherness fun today!



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