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CBC Day 5 and 6

Forgive me for not making this post more interesting. I have a couple of drafts I’m working on for ‘real’ blog posts, but I wanted to get my CBC work posted tonight. If you’re following, I’m working on Madeline Bea’s Creativity Boot Camp. She started it this past Sunday, and it’s a really interesting course. Harder than I had anticipated, but I’m enjoying being a part of it.

Day 5’s theme is GROW – nothing says “grow” more to me than a round belly full of baby.

I’ve drawn this image before, in pastels. There are some differences. My previous incarnation of this picture had long black hair that swirled around her shoulders and belly. The figure was leaner and taller – both are not ‘realistic’ (which is fine with me). I’m not adept at drawing breasts, apparently. How hard could it be – cavemen can do it, right? Well, it’s harder than it seems, I’ll tell ya. I will say that I like the pastel picture better than this one. It’s in color and that makes it seem more lifelike, or ‘lighter’ somehow. This seems really depressing to me.

Part of what makes this particular image meaningful for me now is that June marks one year since I lost my last baby. He or she would have been born in December. That was my first miscarriage – a learning experience that I so wish that I had not had the opportunity to have. It’s painful to think that right now, possibly right this minute, I should be nursing an almost 6 month old baby. Add to that the fact that we’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for nearly a year now and for whatever reason have instead been ‘blessed’ with secondary infertility… it’s not a pleasant place to be. But we’re managing.

On the brighter side (not that there is really a ‘brighter side’ to that kind of hell – but you carry on, because there really isn’t another option), if I was mothering a new baby, I most likely wouldn’t be going through this boot camp course.

I am not as pleased with my work (myself?) during this course as I had hoped I would be. I’m used to being ‘teacher’s pet’ (weird since I haven’t been in class since I was, what… 16??) and having my work be really… something. Perhaps it’s the medium? I wanted to choose something that is challenging – drawing is obviously not one of my strengths. I do much better with abstract painting/drawing/imaging than trying to depict real scenes. I’m definitely challenged. I am looking forward to doing this class again with another medium – one that is perhaps easier for me. I’m thinking photography, and then again with writing. I am working on stories already, so that will have to go into my journal as well.

Moving on…

Day 6 was FLUID.

This was sitting on my desk upside down and my husband came in and said, “Volcano?” o_O Not realizing that the picture was turned in the wrong direction, I was surprised, as that was definitely not what I had in mind. I was kinda worried that my skills were even less than I had imagined – then he turned the paper rightways and said, “Oh. Water droplet. Gotcha.” Thank goodness. Then I looked at it upside down and realized that since it looks nothing like a volcano, even upside down, maybe my husband’s perception is off.

Back to the picture… this didn’t turn out like I wanted. I really should have used pastels – in fact, I could have, since the assignment was to do something ‘different’. I may do it over again later on with pastels. I can see a lot of blue and white and black in this piece that just doesn’t come through in black and white.

So there you have it – my contributions for the last 2 days to the continued development of my inner artiste. We have a crazy-busy day planned for tomorrow (which you’ll get to read all about when I blog it with pictures) so I am hoping that our lovely Boot Camp instructor posts tomorrow’s assignment at midnight so I can start contemplating how to put that concept on paper.

Goodnight all!




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