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CBC 3-4 and Summer Reading Club

Day 3 of the CBC was all about ‘creative buzz kills’ and de-motivators – those things, both internal and external that stifle or immobilize your creativity. As I said in my journal, for me, the buzz kill is not so much a lack of creativity (as in ‘coming up with the idea’), but a true lack of talent. It’s the inability to bring what I see in my head to life on the page. I would LOVE to have the innate talent to be able to draw what I picture exactly as I see it, but without years of hard work under me, that’s probably not going to happen. If I was dead-set on being and ‘artist-e’, then that would really bum me out. As it is, I’m content to piddle with drawing and create in other ways.

The prompt for Day 3 was MULTILAYERED. The first thing that came to mind was a group shot of my two boys with my niece (who is staying with us during the week while my sister is at works this summer) all scrunched up together with smiles and hugs… similar to this, only standing and with better editing, lol:

When I do my ‘phase II’ of the CBC, I’ll try to set that shot up. For Phase I though, here’s what ultimately came out:

Yeah, ‘The Princess and the Pea’. All those mattresses. It’s more ‘cartoon-y’ than realistic, but I’m pleased with it. I’m more pleased with the floor and the window than I am with the hand – I just can NOT draw lifelike people-features for anything. Oh, well – the theme wasn’t about realism, so giant-cartoon-hand notwithstanding, I don’t think it’s all that bad – never going to hang in a museum – but not horrible.

Day 4 was about ‘inspiration’ for creative works and the theme was HEAVY METAL. Now, the first thing that came to mind for heavy metal was some punk-rock headbanger kid. Alas, I know no one who fits that bill, so I was left to ponder that topic while we went about our day.

With the arrival of summer break comes the “Reading Express” – our library system’s Summer Reading Club. They feature activities and classes all summer at the local library branches, so today we ventured out to a library across town for an art class sponsored by our local Art Museum. The kids were instructed to make a collage depicting the “Reading Express”.

Since the topic for today’s lesson was ‘heavy metal’, I thought that the train went well with it. While they were crafting, I was really itching to get my hands on some paper to draw this:

Okay, well not ‘exactly’ that – it looks much better and more realistic in my head. And more menacing, I should point out. This is quite childish in my opinion and not really what I had in mind, overall. The thing that stood out most in my mind was the big iron cattle pusher, so that’s what I wanted the piece to focus on, and I think I did that, therefore I am pleased with it. When I do Phase II, I want to try to find someone who looks the part (or dress a kid up) for this one.

We also got to have a history lesson ‘on the go’ today – again with the library’s summer program. A woman who calls herself ‘The Pioneer Lady’ came and talked to the kids about her grandmother, who came to Texas in a covered wagon. She brought all kinds of nifty things for the kids to experiment with and told quite a few stories that her grandmother told her as a girl. She’s a good story-teller and the kids had a really good time listening and participating in the things she brought for them to try.

The kids are well on their way to completing the 20 books assigned as part of the program. They can also log their time over the summer and turn it in to the Mayor’s office to get a certificate and if they’re among the ones who’ve read the most, they may win a prize.

I have been so looking forward to the time when my kids were old enough to participate in this kind of thing. Once they stared school, they were old enough (mostly), but by the time summer arrived, I was so tired of schedules and having to be somewhere with a deadline that we didn’t really feel up to participating. Now, it seems like I’m more able to put energy into this kind of thing. I’m so looking forward to our busy summer!




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