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Creativity Boot Camp Begins!

So, as I mentioned, I’m doing the Creativity Boot Camp with Madeline Bea over at Blogspot. She’s doing a 2 week course to help boost creativity and I was thinking, ‘I could use some of that’ and jumped on the bandwagon (which is more now like a bus; there are so many people doing it).

There’s a flicker pool that some of the participants are sharing their work that you can check out. There are some seriously creative and talented people there! It’s such a neat concept and I’m so glad I found it!

Day 1’s theme was IVORY. Originally, my thought was to draw (did I mention that I decided to work with pencil/charcoal and paper? Well, that’s what I’m using) an arm and hand, zombie-fied with the lovely ivory bones showing through. Unfortunately, I am so not anywhere near talented enough to bring flesh to life on paper and so my vision on that goes unrealized. I had to do something though, so I just doodled. It’s not great, but it is (sorta) what I had in mind when I started.

The first thing that came to mind was bones, which led to tusks and elephants. Then fangs and teeth, fingernails (which aren’t ivory, but in that same family in my mind) and piano keys. I did manage to get a zombie reaching from his grave, which is probably my favorite part of the picture, lol. I really wish I could draw more realistic images though.

My mom has an old upright grand piano with actual ivory keys (she didn’t buy it that way; it’s been in our family for generations and is old and decrepit now).  I am considering doing a ‘Phase II’ of this program with photography and going to take some pictures of it for that.  If I do, I’ll add them.

Today was Day 2, and the theme was PICNIC. Ants was absolutely the first thing that popped into my head; when I was little, my nightmare monster was a giant (bed-sized) black ant. It lived under my bed and would come out when my parents turned off the kitchen light, when it would climb out from under my bed, walk on the walls and then onto my bed. I swear I could feel the bed move when it stepped on it, and the covers would pull a bit where it’s feet were at. I remember screaming my head off because of that damn insect! So I drew it.

Again, I am planning a Phase II of this, and I have yet to decide if I want to use a picture I have already or take new ones. We picnic frequently so if I do need new pics, then they shouldn’t be that hard to come by.

So… that’s my contribution to the continued development of the creativity that I believe I possess (in small quantities). I may be wrong, lol, but I’m trying. I will say that I am being quite literal. I think I need to think outside the box more and take more time to fully realize the concept being presented.

We’ll see what tomorrow, and Day 3, brings.



P.S. Hey – if you’re doing the CBC, comment and lmk where you’re posting your work so I can see!


One response

  1. AnnA

    I like it. I like the literal nature of your entries, too. I’m not talented enough to get all abstract on art’s ass, so I can dig it. Well done, Madam. : )

    June 8, 2010 at 12:16 am

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