Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

Local Flair and Culture

Even though we don’t stop school for summer break like most schools, I still tend to think of June as the start of summer. It seems like our summer (i.e.: June) has been busy thus far, and that’s saying something since today is only the 6th!

Earlier this week, the kids and I went to the Green Thumb class at the McFaddin-Ward House, which is a local museum made from a home of one of our area’s prominent families from the 1900-1950’s.  They have a lot of conservation and gardening minded events throughout the summer. unfortunately, we found out about the class right before the last of the series, so we’ll have to make a not for next summer and try to catch them all.

The one we went to was helping the kids make appetizers and recipes from some of the things they harvested from their gardens (previously planted). Cucumbers, dill, rosemary & red bell peppers, and dips of ranch dressing and hummus, along with goldfish crackers and capri-suns.

Then, we switched tables and they got to paint with food dyes – as in dye made from food. They crushed up beets and raspberries for a couple of shades of red/pink, coffee in various strengths for everything from yellow to brown, charcoal for black, and some kind of common mineral that I can’t remember the name of to make a lovely blue color. They said green was really hard to come by from plants, so I’m tempted to try to repeat this experiment at home and see what we can come up with from some of the plants and things in our yard.

Skip to this weekend and we hit the Home Depot’s Kids’ Build Learn Create Workshop (which is their version of Lowe’s Build and Grow Kids’  Clinic) – they got to make a nifty miniature foosball game. Then we went over to Michael’s craft store for another kid-craft; this time they got to make a little Klutz journal. Michael’s has a ton of stuff planned for Father’s Day in the week leading up to it – some in the evenings and some over the weekend. Most is either free of there’s a nominal fee – we’re planning on going to some of those classes too.

Which brings us to today… in an effort to help my kids avoid being weirdly anti-social and small-minded, we went out to the Buu Mon  Buddhist Temple‘s annual Lotus & Bamboo Festival this afternoon.

They had a guided tour of the Lotus Garden and several things we missed – it’s a 2 day festival and we only got to go to the last half of the last day. we did get to see Sonny Carlin’s Bird Show – the kids enjoyed that a great deal. Then we took our own tour of the gardens and grounds and listened in on the Tea Lecture, which showcased and prepared several amazing teas. The we went into the temple for the closing ceremonies, which featured the Lotus Dancers and the Dragon Dance.

In all, this was a pretty productive weekend! Now, I’m posting this and going to enjoy the lovely garlic chicken pizza that my Loverly Husband made for dinner. Then I’m headed over to the Creativity Boot Camp blog to see what we’re starting with. Ciao!




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