Homeschooling: It's not what we do, it's how we live.

Cultivating Creative Genius

You know, I used to be a really talented and creative person… before I had kids. With their birth came a sort of hyper-focus on being the best mom I could be, and in that (like lots of women) I seem to have lost some of the inherent sparkle that made me me.

I am and always have been quite undisciplined when it comes to crafting. I dabble; I’m a dabbler. I have yet to perfect any crafty-type hobby that I’ve taken an interest in, and I’ve taken an interest in a lot of hobbies. Over the years, I’ve learned to crochet and knit, embroider, work a sewing machine, quilt, scrapbook, journal, paint (watercolor, oils and acrylics) draw, screen print fabrics, batik fabrics (with wax and with other cheating-type resists), decoupage, burn wood, attempt writing (non fiction and fiction), make jewelery and… you get the idea. And I have supplies packed away for all of those hobbies, though admittedly, some have been used more recently than others.

Unfortunately, many of those supplies have gone unused for far too long. I’ve been meaning to get myself more involved in things I used to enjoy, and I have to a degree. Since the boys are home and we’re doing crafts for school, I’ve had more time that I can dedicate to crafting (though more often than not, the craft is kid-centered more than me-centered). Plus, in checking out That Artist Woman’s Blog for kid crafts, I’ve been inspired to work on my own crafts more. I’ve actually started already – I got out my pastels and came up with a couple of pictures (none of which I am confident enough to share) that I ended up liking (and several that were absolutely horrid).

So… all this is a long preamble just to say that I am going to participate in this:

boot camp

Creativity Boot Camp

I am not sure what medium I’m going to use. I have a couple of short stories that I need to work on, but I am really itching to work with paints again… then again, pastels and pencils always appeal. I think you’re supposed to stick with one medium for the entire exercise, but I know me and I am not sure I can commit to that, so I may just do the exercise with whatever medium appeals at the time. It starts tomorrow, so I supposed I’d better pick something, huh?

I also came across Terrance Zdunich’s Lesson Plans at The Molting Comic Blog. If you’ve seen REPO! The Genetic Opera (not to be confused with the less operatic and more cookie-cutter Hollywood bore-fest that is Repo Men), then you’ll recognize the incomparable Mr. Zdunich as the Graverobber and part of the (possibly evil) genius behind the concept of a dystopian future in which your designer and/or medically necessary replacement internal organs may be repossessed for lack of payment by scary men with big bloody saws. Chilling, no? Check it out – you’ll not be disappointed. And if you’re a parent, then you’ll also recognize Alexa Vega from Spy Kids fame all grown up as Shilo. It’s almost as disturbing as realizing that Jacob from Twilight (coughvampiresdontsparklecough) is Shark Boy. o_O

Anyway – while I likely won’t be submitting my compliant videos for judgement and evaluation, I am nonetheless interested to see where that little project goes over the next few weeks. If I decide to participate in that experiment, I’ll just take pictures and log my progress here.

I do like that both projects are going on simultaneously. I have several ideas that I have yet to out to paper, but I’m inspired, and I think that’s the point of both endeavors, yes? So if you’re feeling less than vibrantly colored, or feeling that your creative genius is underdeveloped, then you should try is, too.




Love it? Hate it? Let me know! Leave a comment:

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