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Farmer’s Market and Saturday Kid Crafting

This morning was the long-awaited opening day of our brand new local Farmer’s Market. I naturally set the tone for the morning by forgetting to set my alarm cock last night and was woken by the sound of the phone ringing – my SIL calling to see why we weren’t in the car yet…

{cue mad dash to the bathroom for morning face-washing, teeth-brushing, hair-combing and contact-inserting – then scrambling into clothes (Where are your SHOES?!?) and snag 3 cereal bars and bottles of water on our way out the door…. 15 minutes late.}

One of the things that I’m sad we missed was that a local amateur farmer (and coincidentally, our weatherman) was giving the first 50 kids who signed in a free tomato plant. We got there at 8:30 (maybe a little before that) and they were all gone. Boo for us, but YAY that there were so many people out there this morning!

In some areas, farmer’s markets, recycling, lots of people commuting by bike, people using ‘green’ shopping bags – these things are commonplace. Here, though, they’re not. Oh sure, our grocery stores all jumped on the “green bag” bandwagon a year or so ago (and I’ll admit to being one of the ones who started using them then), but most people don’t use them much anymore, and some stores’ cashiers get this odd, confused look on their face when you put your re-usable bags on the conveyor belt because they’re so unused to seeing them that they’re just not sure what they’re for (and forget trying to have them packed correctly {sigh}). Our area is so far behind in terms of environmental consciousness and green living that the fact that there’s a farmers market at all is rather astounding. That it was well-supported is nothing short of amazing – and good news because it means that there will be growth!

We actually didn’t buy anything this morning – they were sold out by 9AM of most of the veggies, and I wasn’t shopping for beef (grass-fed!) or jams or jellies (my SIL and I are talking about making our own…); we did get lots of info on gardening, signed the kids up for some summer stuff and in general, had a good time.

After that, we headed off to Lowe’s to their Kid’s Build and Grow Clinic so the kiddos could make a mini-catapult. I’ve seen these workshops before and we’ve been meaning to go, but never have. I’m so glad we went this time! It’s free and the kids get a little apron and they earn a cloth badge once they’ve made their craft. It’s all in a little kit and they have child-sized tools and everything. They were really proud of their work – and the catapults really work, too!

Our next stop was supposed to be Barnes & Noble to say goodbye to a friend of ours who is moving back to her home state, but we got distracted by a bounce-house outside of a locally owned school/office supply store. They were having a “Family Fun Day” for the kids to make tee shirts, masks, scrapbook albums, play games, have snacks and get their face painted. My crew played a game and grabbed some popcorn and cotton candy, but their focus was the bounce house so we streamlined our visit there and then headed off to wish our friends a safe trip home and let them know how much we’ll miss them. Luckily, they were running late, too, so even though we were a bit tardy, we didn’t get there much after she did.

Then it was home again, home again, jiggety-jig for a relaxing afternoon spent chillaxin’ with Daddy. That’s a Saturday well spent!




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